Japanese discount store gives staff smile masks so they seem friendlier

We’re all getting used to wearing masks but it means it’s harder to read facial expressions.

And when you’re talking to a stranger, not seeing their smile can make it a little more awkward.

To help staff seem friendlier, one store in Japan has given all shop employees masks with smiles printed on them.

Posting on Twitter, discount store Takeya said: ‘Since the pandemic has normalized wearing masks, we’re launching a ‘Smile campaign’ to show how we would still like to bring you our smiles through a mask.

‘The result is both fun and kinda odd-looking, but hey, there can’t be too many smiles in this world! Even if it’s just a printed one.’

The masks aren’t actually matched to the person and feature generic smile images, which can give some amusing results.

But even that in itself helps to make customers laugh.

They do have different ones for men and women so the smiles match their faces a little better.

It also means that staff can relax their aching facial muscles and still impress customers.

Anyone who has ever worked in retail will know the pain of having to smile all day, so maybe these should be a permanent addition to the uniform for all retail staff.

Of course, they aren’t the only masks with unusual smiles added.

Earlier this week, we brought you the news of the mask you can buy with your dog’s mouth printed on it.

Maybe that is an option to make customers laugh even more.

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