Jet2 tourist’s pictures show snazzy room he was promised and the drab reality

These contrasting photos capture the "chic and sophistication" a Jet2 holidaymaker was promised – and the drab reality he actually faced at a Greek hotel.

Peter Smith, 56, says the holiday brochure advertised a room "oozing Greek chic and sophistication" at Gaia In Style, Tingaki, Kos.

But a photo of what he actually found at three-star establishment shows beds pushed into a corner, beige sheets, and a lack of atmospheric lighting.

The health and safety manager, from Thurlton, Norfolk, said: "The hotel were adamant that this was their standard room and suggested the only difference was the colour.

"It has been suggested by the Jet2 rep [it] was an old cleaning store room.

"It is quite unbelievable that the hotel could create and suggest that the first room is the same as the others.

"Jet2 noted that the first room must not be allocated to their customers."

The tourist also shared snaps of the pictures featured in the brochure, which show jazzy modern lighting and wall decorations at the hotel he described as a "hostel".

Peter and his wife Amanda paid £1,800 for their all-inclusive 28th wedding anniversary getaway with Jet2.

Writing on Facebook , he added: "I know not all the rooms will be identical but our room is like a room in a hostel compared to the picture on the website.

"Spoke to customer service and the hotel, got nowhere.

"We are putting up in it as we're only sleeping in the room, but feel we have been tricked."

But Jet2 stresses all images used in promotion online and in print accurately represent the rooms sold at all establishments.

A spokeswoman said: "Our team has been in touch with Peter and moved him to another room, which he is happy with.

"The images on our website accurately represent the different types of room available at this hotel."

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