Kendall Jenner is branded an 'unbearable b****' in resurfaced clip

Kendall Jenner is branded an ‘unbearable b****’ after video resurfaces of her rolling her eyes and ‘dismissing’ a fan backstage at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

  • A resurfaced clip posted to Reddit shows Kendall interacting with a fan 
  • Clip shows Kendall, 27, snapping a selfie and looking thunderous after it’s done
  • The clip was featured in a Victoria’s Secret documentary which aired in 2022 

Kendall Jenner has been slammed for being ‘rude and dismissive’ over a resurfaced clip from her time as a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

The clip from 2022 is currently making the rounds on Reddit and shows the 27-year-old model’s interaction with a fan at a Victoria’s Secret show, with viewers furiously branding Kendall an ‘unbearable b****.’

In the viral clip, which was first seen in a Victoria’s Secret Hulu documentary that aired last year, the model is seen dressed in a pink silk robe and seated in a makeup chair as a group of fans gather behind her.

She then takes what appears to be one of the women’s phones standing behind her and snaps a selfie, smiling at the camera with the fans behind her. 

Kendall Jenner snapped a selfie with the woman behind her, smiling sweetly in her pink Victoria’s Secret robe 

Her expression then goes blank and she appears to roll her eyes after she hands the phone back to the woman and pulls up her robe

The model appeared in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on three occasions – in 2015, 2016, and 2018 (pictured) 

Immediately after the selfie is taken, she hands the phone back, her smile dropping immediately as soon as she’s finished with the selfie, and gazes at herself in the mirror as she pulls up her iconic Victoria’s Secret robe.

‘She’s such a meanie b***h,’ Reddit user @Realistic-Treacle-65 declared, alongside the seven-second-video.

The user’s post spurred an onslaught of furious Reddit users taking to the platform to share their thoughts on the famous Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality star.

‘This is why I despise Kendall the most. Yea the other sisters can probably be a little rude and they’re problematic in their own ways but Kendall is never nice, she’s a b**** to everyone,’ one user ranted. 

‘You can just tell that she thinks she’s better than everyone, that were beneath her’

‘Something about way her face falls as she hitches her robe up with the dead eyes is truly unsettling,’ another agreed.

‘Why would anyone like her after seeing her do something like that, so f***ing rude and dismissive,’ a third person exclaimed.

‘Is this real? Looks like an SNL skit with how over the top rude she is,’ a fourth user quipped.

However, there were some who spoke out to defend the model, admitting that they felt sorry for Kendall, saying she looked upset in the short clip. 

Users were appalled – and some disturbed – by her very fast change of emotions in the seven- second clip, showing Kendall snapping a selfie and immediately handing back the phone 

Kendall wore a noticeably downcast expression as soon as she had stopped taking photos with the woman behind her 

‘I honestly think from a psychological standpoint, that Kendall comes across as cold and b****y because she’s putting up a barrier,’ one Reddit user pointed out. 

‘Having Kris as a mom probably made her feel like she had no real adult figure to open up to.’

‘She’s at work, getting ready for something and taking pictures with someone she doesn’t know. What’s she supposed to do here?’ another asked.

The clip first went viral in 2022 after a snippet from the Victoria’s Secret Hulu documentary Angels And Demons documentary aired, again sparking outrage over Kendall’s apparent diva behavior backstage.

Several videos of the moment circulated social media at the time, with thousands of people commenting on her reaction to this fan with a selfie. 

Earlier this year, fans accused Kendall of behaving ‘rudely’ towards fellow model and friend Gigi Hadid at the 2023 Met Gala.

In a clip shared online,  Kendall is seen clapping with Gigi at the event, before she turns around and poses for the cameras, grimacing as she does so.

Many Reddit users were shocked over how she treated the people around her in the short clip, but a few defended her actions

Online users blasted the model for being a ‘b****’ – even though some defended her pointing out she is at work

Kendall was quickly called out for her apparent rude look – although some people pointed out she could have been nervous about the event.

Kendall opened up about being seen as a ‘mean girl’ on an episode of the The Kardashians last year.

‘I think one [misconception] that I guess hurts the most is that people think I’m a mean girl,” Kendall said in an episode. ‘Cause that’s just not the case. It can be upsetting when someone is questioning your character, and if only people knew me.’

Kendall famously made her Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show debut in 2015 and featured in several Secret shows since then – alongside fellow models Winnie Harlow, Gigi Hadid and Alexina Graham. 

The iconic lingerie addressed some of its controversies in a a three-part docuseries which aired on Hulu last year, focusing the microscope on the brand’s corporate culture.

The series examined claims of body shaming, misogyny, and discomfort caused by the introduction of the PINK line, which was aimed at tweens and teenagers.

Victoria’s Secret officially phased out the Angels in 2021, and have since ‘reimagined’ the show to be more inclusive and body positive.  

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