Littlstar Adds Content From Whistle, New Form, to Its VR & PlayStation Subscription Service

A&E-backed video aggregator Littlstar has teamed up with Whistle, New Form, and others to launch premium content channels for its paying subscribers. The new partnerships will bring esports and other types of short-form content to the PlayStation and VR devices supported by Littlstar.

The new partnerships will get Littlstar subscribers access to the entire Whistle catalog, including shows like “My Hustle,” “Dunk,” “No Days Off” and “Exploring Esports.” The service is also getting New Form’s entire catalog, which includes shows like “Mr. Student Body President,” “365 Days of Love” by Sofia Vergara, “TXT Stories” and more. will live stream esports 24/7 on Littlstar. The company also struck agreements with court TV network Law & Crime as well as immersive content studio Atlas V.

“There is no other place to get some of this content on PS4, giving us an exclusive mix of content and features that nobody else has,” said Littlstar co-founder and CEO Tony

Littlstar started out as a content aggregation service for VR headsets, with a primary focus on immersive 360-degree video content. Earlier this year, the company launched a paid service, with one major selling point being the ability to sideload content to Sony’s PlayStation VR headset.

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In June, Littlstart expanded that premium service to a non-VR version of its PlayStation 4 app. The company has since signed up 50,000 paying subscribers, according to Mugavero.

Littlstar currently costs $4.99 per month, or $3.99 per month for subscribers who commit to an entire year. However, Friday’s press release suggested that prices for the company’s subscription service will go up next year.

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