Londoner reveals the seven things visitors do that get on her nerves

I’m a Londoner and these are the SEVEN things visitors do that I find infuriating

  • Kimberley took to TikTok to share a step-by-step training for incoming visitors 

A frustrated Londoner has listed the seven irritating things people who come to the city do.

Kimberley is seemingly fed-up with tourists and commuters who fail to adopt the city’s customs.

The presenter took it upon herself to share a step-by-step training guide, ticking off everything you should absolutely avoid doing in the capital.

She said: ‘The reason why people are acting so lawless, pushing and squeezing is because the people are not from London. They don’t actually know the laws of the land.’ 

The content creator added that if you want to come to London then you ‘must’ follow her advice. 

Kimberley (pictured) is not happy with non-native Londoners who keep making blunders she perceives as inconvenient

1. Walk quickly

In response to a comment which read: ‘We need to start screening people before we allow them to move to London,’ to which she replied:

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‘This comment made me die and I have now made a list of the training people who are moving into the central city need.’ 

First up on her detailed training guide was walking with ‘conviction and pace’.

Kimberley said: ‘Walk as if you have somewhere to go. Walk with speed okay.

‘You’re in London, You are not in Jamaica on an island breeze. Walk with power as if you have somewhere to be.’

2. Stand on the correct side

People standing on the incorrect side of the escalator is another faux-pas that the native-Londoner is irritated by.

She quipped: ‘Stand on the right of the escalator. If you’re walking you go up the left.’

The content creator was also annoyed by other members of the public taking up the escalator with their luggage, adding: ‘And that goes for your silly little suitcase as well.  

‘Put your silly little suitcase in front [of you].’

Inspired by a comment suggesting those incoming to the capital are ‘screened’, the presenter created the seven step training guide for those moving to the city

3. Don’t walk in a group of three 

Kimberley’s third gripe was people taking up all the pavement space by walking in groups of three. 

‘Stop it right now – the pavement of the sidewalk is not big enough for us all,’ she urged.

She also took the opportunity to air her frustrations regarding loved-up couples who refuse to unlink their hands when walking.

‘Walk down the street hold hands be in love but unlink your hands when people are coming. 

‘What the hell is going on. Unlink your hands and be in love at home. I don’t understand.’

4. Let people off busy trains

A particularly passionate pet-peeve held by Kimberley is when people refuse to get off a packed train to let others off.  

She instructed: ‘When the train is busy and people need to get off – get off and step to the side…because you can get back on.’

‘It doesn’t cost you anything to get off. You’re not going to be charged double.’

5. Oyster cards at the ready

Not being prepared at the ticket barriers is among the long list of annoying habits non-Londoners have, according to Kimberley.

In the video with over 350,000 views, she advised people to be ready with payment at the ticket barriers.

She continued: ‘Why are you at the barrier looking for your phone or whatever it is.’ 

The content creator questioned further: ‘Why don’t you have it with you? Furthermore, why isn’t it just on your phone?’

Among her long list of gripes included people not being ready to pay at ticket barriers, people walking in three’s on the pavement and commuters hogging the pole

6. Step to the side

Kimberley isn’t all too keen on people stopping in the middle of the pavement either.

‘When you are walking down the street busy road, busy road don’t stop in the middle of the street, don’t stop to look at your maps.  don’t stop top reply to your text. 

‘Go to the side like a civilised pedestrian and do whatever you are doing.’

She ranted about the inconvenient habit people getting in the way of others when they stop in the middle of the street. stating : ‘You’re causing people traffic. You’re causing commotion and disruption okay. Think about that deeply.’

7. Hogging the pole

The final etiquette rule the Londoner pressed was using the poles found on public transport sparingly.

Kimberley expressed how she finds it strange when people press the entirety of their body onto the structure. 

She questioned: ‘Why is your whole body pressed up on it? So now when I want to hold the pole I’m squeezing [and] digging into your back.’

Motioning with her hands, the content creator continued: ‘This is not Paris where everyone’s hands are doing this on the pole. Get off the pole.’

Fellow Londoners flooded the comments, hailing Kimberley for the announcement, with one quipping: ‘You need to be the mayor of London for real’

Fellow Londoners flocked to the comments hailing Kimberley. Some even suggested she run for city mayor

Another chimed in: ‘Send this to our man Sadiq. Send this to TFL to make a city wide campaign. I beg.’

‘This needs to be a public service announcement.’ wrote a third.

‘Living in the city has taught me that 99% of people don’t know how to be efficient and considerate in a crowdy environment,’ added one user.

A Londoner shared how when they moved to Birmingham they ‘screamed’, quipping: ‘They don’t stick to one side of the stairs or escalators.’ 

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