Love Island’s Jess Hayes says she has lost three stone and has ‘confidence back’

Love Island winner Jess Hayes has revealed that she has lost 'three stone' by 'looking after herself' and overhauling her eating habits.

The former reality star, 28, who described how Christmas is 'tarnished' and 'triggers grief' after miscarrying her son Teddy, exclusively told OK! that she feels like 'me again' after working out with her personal trainer and eating nutritious meals from MuscleFood.

Jess, who rose to fame after winning the first series of Love Island with Max Morley in 2015, is mum to two-and-a-half year old son Presley, who she shares with ex-fiancé Dan Lawry, and miscarried five months into their second pregnancy with baby Teddy in November 2020.

Speaking about her three stone weight loss, Jess who revealed that she has gone from 12st 7lbs to 9st 7lbs, and is now at her 'pre-Presley' weight, said: "When I lost Teddy I really, really struggled to lose weight.

"I felt so miserable and just lost every bit of confidence. I went from this confident girl to just a shell of myself.

"Then I obviously split with Dan and it was like one storm after the other and I guess being single I was like, 'right', I kind of felt like s**t basically."

Jess, who revealed that she is a huge fan of the MuscleFood porridge pots and pre-prepared meals, added: "I am eating more regularly, I am looking after myself, I am in the gym and it has completely changed my lifestyle really."

Asked how she felt at her lowest moment when she decided to change her lifestyle, Jess said: "It was just horrible."

She continued: "It was hard adjusting to being a single mum, and doing everything on my own, and then all the hard things with dealing with him, wasn't easy at all, I just thought: 'You have got to pull yourself out of this. For your son and everything you need to start looking after yourself.

"So that's what I did and we are in December and I have got this confidence back and I feel like me again and I am feeling pretty good."

Jess, who has posted stunning Instagram posts ahead of Christmas Day, added: "I am wearing size small clothes and I never thought I would get there."

Meanwhile the mum-of-one revealed how her business coach and meditation teacher has 'changed her way of thinking' with the former reality star concentrating on putting herself first by aiming to also have two personal training sessions a week alongside home workouts.

Jess revealed: "I was always that mum for example I breastfed for over 16 months and people were like, 'you are crazy', and I was like 'no don't be silly'. I didn't take care of myself and I didn't care about what I looked like, I didn't care, I was always putting Presley first.

"Now I am on my own I am like, 'you are young still'. I feel like when you are in a relationship you feel a little bit trapped and feel like you just get comfortable and lose yourself as well. Now I am happy as I am out of that toxic environment."

Speaking on her Instagram Story to her 374,000 Instagram followers in a Q and A on her fitness journey, Jess was asked she keeps her motivation around the festive period.

She said: "It is so hard to keep the motivation especially around this time of year. Do you know what it is? I think it is when you start seeing the results, like for me, when I was a size…

"It doesn't matter about size but the thing is I just used to hide myself I wasn't wearing what I wanted to wear and now I have got that.

"So yeah, I think it is when you see the results, and your confidence comes back, and it just makes you feel amazing and that keeps you going and you want to work harder."

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