Loving Labrador stops diabetic owner from passing out in cute video

Korey the Labrador is a trained diabetic alert dog from Bloomington, Illinois, USA, who assists Sam, originally from California, who has type one diabetes. During the cute clip, viewers see the dog owner standing in the bathroom where she tells users she is about to wash her face and get ready.

Sam quickly then turns the camera to the floor where Korey is seen holding a bottle of fruit juice in his mouth, with a caption saying: “Here u goes mommy u goin lows!”

She then takes the drink from her canine companion.

The video ends with the Labrador smiling, jumping up and down while indicating for his pet parent to open their drink, seemingly pleased with himself.

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Type one diabetes is when the glucose in your blood becomes too high or low and the person can not produce enough insulin to control it.

This means they must inject themselves daily with insulin to keep their glucose levels in check, with symptoms ranging from blurred vision to feeling very tired and thirsty.

Since posting the heartwarming clip to TikTok, the footage has been watched over 11 million times.

Thousands of people shared their reaction to Korey’s swift response in the comments section, one person replied: “That is the cutest piece of medical equipment I have ever seen.”

One person commented what they thought the dog was thinking saying: “Yes I know I’m good, now drink the juice!”

Another animal lover simply said: “We truly don’t deserve dogs.”


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Sam adopted Korey in July 2019 after the doctor suggested a Diabetic Alert Dog could help monitor her blood sugar levels becoming too high or low.

She was first given a continuous glucose monitor, but was unable to hear the alarm sound during the night, meaning Sam would often pass out before it was too late.

The American was diagnosed with diabetes when she was four years old but struggled to control it more during her early twenties.

Since adopting Korey, the duo have continued to post on their TikTok, Instagram and Facebook pages sharing tips, support and advice to those who are diabetic.

Both dog and owner offer a program for anyone wanting to train their pups to become diabetic alert dogs.

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