Lydia Bright shares her ‘life-saving’ last minute baby buys as she opens up on motherhood

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Amazon is a great one stop shop for all your everyday needs, and new mum Lydia Bright knows all too well about how quick and efficient Amazon can be.

Lydia gave birth to her daughter Loretta just two weeks before lockdown back in March, so the former TOWIE star relied heavily on family to help her, as well as Amazon for all her last minute baby needs. Here she discusses her love of shopping locally, as well as giving us some top-tips for new mums and how to support small brands near you…

Why did you choose to work with Amazon?

So I’ve been working with Amazon for a couple of years, they asked me to be involved with this deal which to be honest was so fitting for me because I use Amazon so much now. I’m a new mum and I spend a lot more time at home, obviously with the current climate I'd be home a lot more anyway because I’ve got the baby.

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Amazon is a life saver for me as I’m always needing things last minute – Loretta's teeth will come through and we will need new teething toys etc – I just need things that are just instant and I can get the next day. My home was renovated so I was constantly ordering things like screws, it’s just brilliant you can get things the next day.

Why do you support small businesses?

This campaign was even more fitting because I used to be a small business owner with my sister. We went through times when we had highs and lows, it's very hard having a business and the highs are brilliant but the lows are tough. You constantly have to evolve as a business and move ahead with the times and it seems like Instagram and Amazon are great platforms to promote products and sell products nowadays. I owned my business for around 7 years before selling it earlier this year as I was having a baby and I needed to think about work fitting easily in my life as a new mum.

We used to sell on Amazon – it was always a very beneficial platform for us to sell our product as well as having our own ecommerce website. Luckily we sold our business just before the pandemic as it’s been hard for companies.

How do you support small and local businesses?

I’ve always been a massive pusher in promoting small and local businesses. During the pandemic I started this thing on my Instagram called ‘mum hacks’ and I do it every weekend, featuring loads of small businesses. I did a big reach out on my Instagram 2/3 months ago and asked any small business that provides any really creative or innovative products and services to parents to reach out to me and those that I think are brilliant and that I would actually love to use, I will feature on my mum hacks. When they came forward it just felt like a brilliant fit – loads of the ones I promote are small businesses that sell on Amazon.

Has your style changed as a new mum?

To be honest since being a mum I don’t buy clothes that often as I don’t go out as much anymore, especially in the evenings. In the day I just wear jeans and jumpers, loungewear, gym wear. I've become a lot more casual than I used to be. So I constantly recycle clothes which is probably a good thing for the environment. When I do shop, small brands I love include Pretty Lavish, Anna Louise Boutique and Never Fully Dressed.

Any style tips for new mums?

Keep it simple, I used to spend hours and days outfit planning, especially when I was filming as I constantly wanted new outfits, I used to spend so long trying to be creative. I think when it comes to being a mum if you just keep it simple, stylish and clean then you can’t go wrong.

I love mom style jeans, I always wear them because they’re really cosy as they aren't skin tight because once you've had a baby you don’t want to be restricted and they always look stylish. I think invest in some good knitwear, statement tops and keep it simple. Oh – and don’t wear too much white – I’ve learnt the hard way where I’ve done nappy changes and ended up with sh***e all over my white clothes.

Buy pieces you can just chuck on and don’t have to think too hard. I very rarely wear heels now, I’ve got those sock trainers, a pair of Birkenstocks, a pair of Dr Martens and they’re like my three pairs of shoes that I wear in and out and it's just easy.”

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