Make-up artist left looking like she has a beard after epic fake tan fail

A woman's friends thought she'd been kidnapped after a shocking photo showed a different coloured hand over her mouth, but were relieved when it was just an epic fake tan fail.

Lucy Regler, who works as a make-up artist, had layered on the self tan mousse but forgot to exfoliate and moisturise.

The 21-year-old was horrified when she woke up with bright orange hands and what looked like a beard on her face.

She had hoped the fake tan would help her to look smart for a 'posh' brand event but ended up feeling embarrassed by the patchy coverage.

Photos show the self-tanner with her normal pale complexion contrasted by her dark orange tanned hand and a fake-tan shadow under her chin.

Lucy claims she used the 'wrong side of the tanning mitt' and the resulting patchy coverage also left white streaks on her chest, armpits, legs and left her feet two different colours.

After sharing the photos online, pals were convinced that the orange hand on Lucy's mouth belonged to someone else – and were in hysterics when they realised the error.

Lucy claims that the result was so 'diabolical' she'll never self-tan again.

Lucy, from Aberdare in Wales, said: "It looks absolutely vile. When my mother saw me she just went 'what the f*** have you done?'.

"My legs turned out really well but my hands made people make comments like, 'I thought someone else was grabbing you'.

"They were like 'I thought you were being kidnapped, you could've got away with that'.

"My neck made it look like I had a beard because I had only done the tan up to a certain point on my face. It was just shocking. I've learned my lesson.

"My nails have gone a funny colour from the tan. Where I had nails on I have strips of brown through my nails. I would die if anyone thought it was dirt.

"I don't think I'll tan again. I think I'll have a spray tan from now on. I don't want to risk it. I'm just going to let an expert do it next time.

"I've scrubbed, I've itched and everything, I've used a skin peeler and it didn't work.

She claims it was the first time she had used fake tan in seven years and had previously always used tan wipes to achieve her golden glow.

Lucy, who also works at McDonald's, said: "I wanted a fake tan because I was going to a really posh event. I'm really not posh, so I was like I'll have a tan, I'll look really skinny with my tan.

"So I was chucking the layers on, it wasn't making much difference so I thought I'd keep going.

"My hands just weren't taking it so I pumped about six pumps [of the mousse] and literally lathered my hands with it.

"I just cried the next morning. I wanted to cry. Compared to the rest of my body it was diabolical.

"The event was really posh. They were drinking their champagne while I was drinking my WKD. I wanted to look all smart. But I didn't look smart, not with the bad hands and bad ankles.

"I had to use a darker foundation, but it didn't look too bad. My body felt orange but my face was the only pale thing about me to be honest."

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