Man attacked by teenage gang in horror Snapchat footage ‘thought he would die’

A man whose brutal attack by a teenage gang was filmed on Snapchat has opened up about the ordeal.

Tom Sandall feared for his life during the attack by roughly 20 teenagers in Bury town centre on Monday evening.

The Snapchat video of the incident has been shared thousands of times on Facebook and has sparked outrage, reports the Manchester Evening News.

The footage, which is too disturbing to be published, shows a group of young thugs surrounding Tom before repeatedly punching and kicking him.

Greater Manchester Police have launched an investigation.

Tom, 25, was walking home after meeting a friend when he was set upon at about 8.30pm.

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As he walked around the back of the Wilko store at The Rock, he was approached by one of the teenagers, who asked him for a cigarette.

Tom said 'no', but the group followed him.

When one of the group appeared to provoke him by clipping his ankle, Tom turned around and told them to leave him alone.

He says several youths then pounced on him at the opening to a subway running below Peel Way.

"I was just minding my own business," said Tom.

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"It suddenly escalated and then they were punching me in the head.

"I fell down at one point and I was fearing for my life. I didn't know when the beating would stop."

After breaking free, Tom tried to escape, but the youths attacked him again.

In the footage, a female can be heard shouting 'leave him alone' and 'this isn't funny' as the youths continue to deliver a flurry of blows to Tom's head and body.

He said: "I still can't believe it, you don't expect to be mobbed by a group of people.

"They were opportunistic and waited until no one was about.

"I got off lucky. It was pretty brutal and you hear about people dying because of one punch.

When the beating eventually stopped, Tom sprinted home before calling the police.

He has been left with serious bruising to his face, while the youths also stole his phone and a bag containing keys, a Christmas present from his dad and cycling equipment.

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police said: "Police have been made aware of a video showing the assault of a man by a group of youths that took place on Monday 16 December 2019 in Bury town centre and are investigating the incident.

"No arrests have been made and enquiries are ongoing.

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