Man rips up cheating girlfriend's floor with a POWER DRILL

Man rips up his cheating girlfriend’s $2,000 floorboards with a power drill and then BURNS all of the wood – before filming her furious reaction to the ‘childish’ revenge prank

  • TikTok user Ivan Cervantes posted a video of his friend using a power tool to remove his girlfriend’s floorboards and claimed that she had cheated on him 
  • The 21-year-old then shared a follow-up clip that showed the unnamed woman yelling at her boyfriend through his car door after discovering the bare floor
  • ‘You’re so childish. No wonder I cheated on you. I needed a man,’ she said, adding: ‘Maybe you didn’t turn into a man because your dad wasn’t in your life’
  • According to Ivan, who is from Arkansas, his unnamed friend paid for the flooring, and helped to install it 
  • In a third video, Ivan revealed that his friend had felt slightly guilty for the prank, but after his girlfriend’s reaction to it, he chose to burn the floorboards 
  • Ivan’s clips have amassed millions of views and tens of thousands of comments

A man got revenge on his cheating girlfriend by ripping up her floorboards with a power drill in a savage prank that has seen him earn viral fame in the process. 

The unnamed boyfriend was caught on camera using the power tool to remove all of the flooring from his girlfriend’s apartment by his friend Ivan Cervantes, 21, who then posted footage of the prank on TikTok, where it racked up millions of views. 

In the video, Ivan’s friend is seen using an electric floor scraper to completely destroy all of the hardwood flooring in his girlfriend’s home – with the Arkansas resident claiming that he had actually paid for the $2,000 feature, and even helped to install it.

Fury: A man ripped up his girlfriend’s hardwood floors in an act of revenge after discovering that she had cheated on him 

Spreading the news: TikTok user Ivan Cervantes, 21, shared a video of his unnamed friend using a power tool to destroy the flooring, while revealing that the boyfriend had paid for it 

The video shows shards of wood littering what appears to be a concrete floor, as the boyfriend – who is wearing a baseball cap and protective goggles – slowly makes his way around the room, clearing out every single piece of wood.  

Angry: The unnamed boyfriend (pictured) spent $2,000 on the hardwood floors for his now-ex-girlfriend

‘When your [girlfriend] cheats but you paid for her floor,’ Ivan captioned the short clip. 

TikTok users were left in stitches by the prank, which amassed more than 3.3 million views, with dozens praising the betrayed boyfriend for his actions. 

‘That’s a whole other level of petty I love it,’ one person wrote, while another added: ‘I’m a girl but I still support this as you should.’ 

‘As a girl, she deserves it,’ a third person agreed. 

Many users also begged Ivan to share a video of the girlfriend’s reaction – which he did just one day later, posting a clip of the woman furiously ranting at her boyfriend, labeling him ‘childish’ and then slapping him through his car window.  

‘So what is this that I came home to? Frickin’ the whole floor was gone. Are you serious? That was so fricking childish of you,’ she screams at him in the clip. ‘So petty. What’s the reason for that?’ 

She then becomes all the more irate when her boyfriend refuses to respond, simply saying, ‘hm,’ in reaction to everything she says. 

‘Is that all you can say is, “hm”? Huh? Is that it?’ she yells. ‘You know you’re so freakin’ childish. No wonder I cheated on you. I needed a man. Maybe you didn’t turn into a man cause your dad wasn’t even in your life cause he didn’t even want you. 

‘God you p**s me off so much!’ she continued while slamming her hand against the side of his car. ‘This is why you don’t amount to anything because you’re so f***ing childish!’ 

She then leans into the car and slaps her boyfriend on the arm, before storming off.  

Her reaction proved less than popular with many TikTok users, a number of whom hit out at her for her behavior, while urging her now-ex-boyfriend to get back at her with even more acts of revenge. 

‘Have someone break into her house on random dates sneakily putting creepy sticky notes in places she will find sooner or later,’ one rather bizarre suggestion read. 

‘Good job man, she deserves it,’ another person commented. 

Fight: Ivan also recorded the girlfriend’s furious reaction when she discovered what her boyfriend had done, revealing that she started hurling insults at him through his car window

Going out with a bang: After the girlfriend furiously ranted at him, the boyfriend decided to burn the floorboards in a bonfire 

Up in flames: The boyfriend was filmed pouring gasoline over the remains of the floorboards and then setting it alight 

However the saga did not end there, with Ivan sharing a third video about the end of his friend’s relationship in which he answered a few questions about the former couple. 

‘My friend was dating this girl for about three years [and] he really thought she was going to be the one he was going to marry,’ Ivan explains in the clip. 

‘But little did we know, she was cheating on him. So what we did next was we removed the $2,000 floor he installed for her.’ 

Ivan goes on to reveal that his friend started to feel ‘kinda bad’ when he was midway through his floor project – however that feeling of guilt quickly turned to happiness when his ex furiously confronted him about her ruined floor. 

So to round off the revenge plot in the most fiery way possible, Ivan and his friend burned all of the wood from the floor, with the TikToker concluding: ‘So my message to his ex is, “Since you already walked all over my boy’s heart, having fun walking over nothing!”‘

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