Man who’s kept snowball in freezer for 10 years puts it up for sale on eBay

A man who has stored a big snowball in his freezer since a 'merry' snowball fight 10 years ago is now selling it on eBay.

Lee Thackaberry, 43, has kept the snowball in a freezer bag and is surprised it's survived a decade – and a house move.

The dad says he decided to keep it after hearing a news report about someone selling a snowball they'd kept for the same amount of time for £15,000.

Lee says he's not expecting to match this huge sum, but remains hopeful despite the bids so far reaching £3.20.

He says he's had a laugh and it's now time for someone else to enjoy it.

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Lee, of East Grinstead, Sussex, told The Sun: "It’s incredible, I can’t believe how long it’s survived. It’s all intact."

He said it all started during a week of heavy snow.

Lee had been to the pub with some neighbours, friends and his then wife.

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He said: "We came back from the pub quite merry and decided to have a snowball fight. I thought as a laugh we should keep it."

Ten years on he's decided to sell it and says it's been taking up quite a lot of space in the freezer.

He said he hopes someone is interested in buying it.

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