Meghan's acupuncturist sent vegan broths to help recover after birth

Meghan Markle’s acupuncturist reveals he sent her a box of vegan broths and tonics to help her recover after giving birth to Archie

  • Acupuncturist Ross Barr, from London, has worked with Meghan, 38, for years
  • The Duchess of Sussex was reported to have practice during her pregnancy 
  • Revealed he sent a box of vegan broths and tonics to help her recover from birth
  • Box described online as helping mothers ‘replenish, restore and restore’ 

Meghan Markle’s acupuncturist has revealed he sent her a box of vegan broths and tonics to help her recover after giving birth to Archie. 

Ross J Barr, from London, has worked with the Duchess of Sussex, 38, for years, reportedly giving her acupuncture to ‘boost the flow of blood to her uterus’ during her pregnancy with Archie.

He told The Times that he sent the royal a ‘Mamma support box’, which is aimed to aimed to ‘replenish everything that you lose in childbirth.’ 

It’s packed full of vegan broths, superfood shots and a Lavender organic eye pillow to help her ‘replenish, restore and restore’ after giving birth in May.

He said: ‘If the mother’s looked after and she is replenished, then that feeds its way through to the baby as well.’

Meghan Markle’s acupuncturist Ross J Barr, from London, revealed he sent the royal, 38, a box full of vegan broths and tonics after she gave birth to baby Archie (pictured with Prince Harry, 35, in September)  

Ross said he was introduced to Meghan through another patient, and is still ‘in touch’ with the royal, but remained tight lipped about their encounters.

He did reveal the Duchess had been sent a ‘Mamma Support Box’, which is packed full of vegan broths and tonics. 

The ‘Mamma Support box’ is described online as helping ‘replenish, restore and nourish with the very best of organic plant-based proteins and nutrients at a time when women need it most.’

It contains ‘dairy-free sparkling water kefirs’, ‘superfood shots’ as well as vegan broths. 

Celebrity acupuncturist Ross said the box was to ‘replenish everything that you lose in childbirth’ (pictured with his actress wife Eva Birthistle in 2015) 

The box also comes with a ‘pregnancy formula’ to give ‘optimal nourishment of the mother during and after pregnancy as well as supplementing breast milk production’, and a lavender eye pillow. 

Ross boasts a glittering client list and is understood to have treated the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in the lead up to their wedding in May last year.  

Earlier this year, it was reported that Meghan was having regular acupuncture sessions to ‘help her unwind and relax’, Vanity Fair reported. 

‘It’s brilliant for the blood circulation and boosting blood flow to the uterus. She plans to use acupuncture right up to her due date,’ a source said. 

The ‘Mamma Support Box’ promises to help new mothers ‘replenish, restore and restore’ after they give birth 

Barr works out of spaces in Notting Hill and Wimpole Street – a hotspot for private doctors – but is likely to treat the royal mother-to-be in the comfort of her home at Frogmore Cottage.  

Acupuncture, which originated in China more than 2,500 years ago, involves the insertion of fine needles into the face and body.

The treatment is said to help alleviate mental or physical pain and distress. It’s now so widespread that it’s even used within the NHS, which says it’s generally safe to have acupuncture during pregnancy, as long as the acupuncturist is aware of your condition.

Back in 2015 Meghan said: ‘I have been a long-time believer in acupuncture. I used to have debilitating migraines — [I was] hospitalised for them — and acupuncture changed my life.’

Meghan was reported to have visited Barr throughout her pregnancy to help ‘boost the flow of blood to her uterus’ (pictured in February 2019) 

Prior to their wedding, Harry and Meghan reportedly both visited Barr, who offers 45-minute sessions costing between £90 and £120.

Barr even offers acupuncture as a natural substitute for Botox. He has said some of his clients treat his sessions like ‘an MoT’ or ‘maintenance for modern life’.

Harry is in good company — his mother Princess Diana had regular acupuncture sessions to cope with the strains of royal life, along with hypnotherapy, shiatsu, and even regular colonic irrigation. 

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