Miss BumBum winner tricked boyfriend into thinking she’d had ‘virginity surgery’

It’s April 1 which means Brits up and down the country are playing pranks on their nearest and dearest.

The day is a haven for jokesters who will have stocked up on cling film and electric shock inducing gum.

But, not every prank goes well on April Fools’ Day – as one stunning model discovered after attempting to trick her partner.

Lu Duarte, who won the Miss Bum Bum best booty competition, admitted she tried to play a joke on her boyfriend.

But, unfortunately for the curvy model her partner fell hook, line and sinker for the prank.

Lu decided to trick her boyfriend into believing that she’d had plastic surgery on her vagina.

She pretended to have had “virginity surgery” also known as vaginal rejuvenation – a procedure that often claims to tighten the vaginal walls and improve intercourse.

Lu noted that she acted like the surgery was not a big deal, but that he fully believed her prank.

She commented: “I said that I had had a virginity surgery for a boyfriend, he already knew I was going to have a surgery and I said that was it.

“He was shocked.”

Lu’s boyfriend believed he could feel the effects of the surgery so she found it difficult to unveil the truth after her April Fools’ prank.

She noted: "I ended up telling him after a few days."

Lu also recently revealed a kinky secret.

She admitted she likes to be dominated claiming all the "slapping and whipping turns her on".

The Miss BumBum said: "Being dominated turns me on, slaps, whips, leather clothes, domination…

"Everything is a matter of perspective and I don't think this fetish is sexist. Anything goes in four walls."

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Lu Duarte says she was never afraid to have sexual experiences with sadomasochism.

She added: "There are toys that are really beautiful, complex and chic.

"And in fact, some aspects of the sadomasochistic world are really beautiful."

Would you ever lie to your partner for a prank? Tell us in the comments…

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