Model shares how she gets ‘rid’ of belly bloat in seconds with tum hiding hack

Many people may believe that models always look drop dead gorgeous and are ready for the catwalk come night or day.

Their super preened bodies and tiny waists are often at the envy of others.

However, one model has revealed that they aren’t too different from the rest of us regular folk.

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Body positive enthusiast and model Kholood Brieche has taken to TikTok to share how she hides her bloated tum when she has a job.

In the clip that has racked up thousands of views, the brunette beauty donned some black jeans and a similar coloured bra as she explained: “How I take pictures for modelling when I’m bloated.”

And, all it takes is four simple steps.

Khlolood first used a fastened a belt around her jeans, and shared that the trousers must be “tight.”

Next step, the model noted: “Pull the pants up to my throat.”

“Tuck the skin under the pants”, she instructed.

For the last step, the stunner simply flexed her torso – and astonishingly no more belly bloat was to be seen.

Kholood then shared a before and after to show the difference of how her tricks managed to ‘rid’ of her bloaty tum.

She pointed out that her appearance dramatically changed and it appeared as if she “went from 20 to 10% body fat.”

Since she posted the clip to her 108,000 followers, Kholood has received a lot of praise from her fans for keeping it “real.”

One fan commented: “Bless you for being so real.”

Another user added: “Love you for this.”

Whilst a third giggled: “‘Pull pants up to throat’ I'M SCREAMING.”


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