MotorTrend and ‘Big Mouth’ Producer Titmouse Set ‘Super Turbo Story Time’ (EXCLUSIVE)

MotorTrend Group, a Warner Bros. Discovery company, has given a greenlight to “Super Turbo Story Time,” an all-new adult animated series telling larger than life, untold and (mostly) true stories from the automative world, it announced Thursday.

The eight-episode series, the first adult animated title in the history of MotorTrend, will be produced with legendary American animation studio Titmouse (“Big Mouth,” “The Boys Presents: Diabolical,” “The Legend of Vox Machina”) and by MotorTrend Studio.

“Super Turbo Story Time” will debut first quarter of 2023 on MotorTrend Plus,  the top motoring SVOD service.

Every episode has two hosts who meet to trade their favorite car stories. “While one host shares their most unbelievable automotive legend, the other host listens carefully, ready to flag any holes in the story or simply crack jokes from the peanut gallery,” MotorTrend said in a press statement. It described the series animation as “energetic” and “stylized,” blended with  active interviews with top celebrities and automotive authorities.

Featured hosts include Rob Corddry, comedian, producer, and co-host of “Top Gear America,” which screens on MotorTrend Plus; actress, producer and car builder Emelia Hartford; David Freiberger, co-host of MotorTrend Plus show “Roadkill”; and rapper, actor (“Empire”) and songwriter Xzibit.

Further hosts take in Kristen Lee, automotive journalist and deputy editor of The Drive; Jarod DeAnda, a racer and the voice of Formula D; Jeff Glucker, co-founder and executive editor of Hooniverse; Dave Shuten of Discovery Channel’s “Car Kings”;  Zoë Bell, actress and stunt coordinator and double of “Death Proof” and a host of other films; and Colton Dunn, an actor, comedian, writer and producer.

“Everyone has a car story, and what we’re developing with our talented partners at Titmouse will bring to life those stories in captivating and creative ways you’ve never seen before,” said Alex Wellen, global president and general manager, MotorTrend Group.

“Based in truth, the tales told by our guests on ‘Super Turbo Story Time’ won’t be limited by an embellishment governor,” added Gabriel VanHuss, series executive producer and VP, digital programming, MotorTrend Group.

“This series is an exciting, special project for MotorTrend because it’s our first entry into adult animation and comedy. Our audience embraces the absurdity, audacity, mystery and excitement of legendary, unbelievable car stories and animation allows us to lean in, unbound by reality, to retell the stories in a way that elevates those attributes,” he told Variety.

“Car history is full of legends, from racing to building, to humiliating Hitler on his home turf, we’ve collected a little bit of everything automotive for ‘Super Turbo Story Time,’” said Daniel C. Katz, executive producer for Titmouse.”

For his part, Titmouse founder-president Chris Prynoski said the series was very much after his heart.

“I’m really stoked about ‘Super Turbo Story Time,’” said Titmouse founder-president Chris Prynoski. “It combines three things I really dig: Cars, cartoons, and people telling stories.

“This is finally a show that my dad can watch and relate to,” Prynoski added. “He’s a car guy. He would take me to car shows and would always be working on his car. I think this is a good opportunity to appeal to a broader generational demographic.”

Also executive produced at Titmouse by Chris Prynoski (“The Legend of Vox Machina”), Shannon Prynoski (“Fairfax”), Antonio Canobbio (“Arlo the Alligator Boy”) and Ben Kalina (“Big Mouth”), “Super Turbo Story Time” represents another step in the build of adult animation, one of the phenomena which has driven the growth of animation at large over the last two decades.

When Prynoski went to art school in the ‘90s, he recalled, “Beavis and Butthead” was brand new.

“There wasn’t a lot of adult animation. Now a whole generation of artists and talent has grown up watching adult cartoons, and that’s what they want to do. The animation digital timeline also just gets faster and better,” facilitating output, Prynoski added.

That will be seen at Annecy, where Titmouse, already a key presence at the festival, will have four titles, including two seasons firsts: Prime Video animated fantasy series “The Legend of Vox Machina” and Netflix “Big Mouth” spin-off “Human Resources.”

Also screening are two kids series: “Harriet the Spy” and “We the People,” the latter executive produced by Kenya Barris, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. Both series are animated by Titmouse Animated Studios.

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