Mum quits 9-5 hustle to start business making penis-shaped waffles in her room

A single mum has revealed how she ditched her 9-5 job to start a penis-shaped waffle business.

Zoya Winspear, 42, from Walthamstow, was working three jobs before she decided to set up her risqué company.

The mum-of-one was employed as a food consultant and an operations manager in London, all while juggling a food vendor job.

She currently lives with her mum and young daughter following a divorce from her ex-partner.

After the split, Zoya, who is originally from Bulgaria, transformed her home into the main headquarters for D*ck on a Stick.

But the standard menu available on D*ck on a Stick's website is not for the faint-hearted, reports MyLondon.

All waffles are priced at £12.99 and come with a "finish it off" vanilla sauce for those who dare.

Zoya said: "I also sell merchandise such as d*ck-related like mugs and wine glasses.

"Customers can order anonymously so my waffles often get used as pranks, birthdays or for people they dislike."

The mum says the motivation behind for her bizarre waffle range is more than just rude-shaped fun.

She added: "I don't want people to buy it just for the shape of it – I want people to like the taste of it too."

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Zoya has been working from home since she first quit her three jobs a year ago due to coronavirus.

Ashley Stanton, a marketing executive for street food market Sunday Social, says the company has increased business.

He said: "Having a trader like that at the market is absolutely fantastic.

"The diversity and imagination that Zoya brings to the market has brought a lot of customers and creates a wonderful atmosphere.

"Although the waffles are incredibly detailed, it's not just about what the waffles look like but it's also about the ingredients."

But not everyone has the same positive view of her business.

Zoya admitted: "A few days after I launched the website, I had received some orders and one came with a really long email.

"It was a threat from someone who had received one of my waffles.

"He said he would call the police if I didn't let him know who sent the waffle.

"But we state clearly on the website that senders must remain anonymous, and we don't send invoices or order details."

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However he later came back, laughed about it and then apologised.

Zoya now dreams of making her business a hit on social media, but says Facebook's guidelines stand in the way.

She added: "I still can't even post more than 90% of the products because Facebook has labelled them 'adult nudity'.

"The waffles have also been labelled a sex toy, which they say breaks their policy."

Facebook denied removing the business's organic content, but says ads for the products have been "correctly" blocked.

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