‘My boyfriend wants us to settle down but his job’s having sex with older women’

My boyfriend wants us to settle down and get a place together.

But he’s not prepared to give up his career which involves having sex with older women for cash.

He huffs that it’s just a job; he’s like an actor going through the motions for financial gain. He doesn’t enjoy sex with rich divorcees and widows.

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He swears that what we have together is real, that our lovemaking matters. He begs me not to feel jealous or resentful. But I’ve fallen for him and can’t stop imagining him in the (wrinkly) arms of others.

Especially as I know that there are no limits; he will do absolutely anything for money no matter how kinky or depraved it is.

JANE SAYS: I don’t accept that this is the only option open to him.

What about getting a more respectable job? If he loves you then why isn’t he prepared to make a decent man of himself?

I’m sure his current earnings are very good but there’s no getting away from the fact he’s having sex with other woman for cash.

I suspect you thought you were tough enough to cope with anything. But now you are a couple, his profession is less acceptable.

Surely, you’re too good for this? How does he square his sex-for-sale career with his conscience?

What about your sexual health? You need to think about it.


My 28-year-old daughter is living at home again. She has no money and is driving me mad. My long-term partner is no saint, but at least he pays his way.

Now I have the two of them at loggerheads. She resents him taking my time and attention and he calls her a leech. I feel as though I’m going mad.

JANE SAYS: Your daughter needs to hear that this is your house.

Of course, she can stay while she gets back on her feet, but she needs to behave herself.

What is she doing about getting a job? Call a truce and tell both of them that you won’t tolerate any more stress.


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