‘My love language is gifts’: Woman shares why she only dates £1million sugar daddies

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Last year, the matchmaking site SeekingArrangement unveiled over 500,000 British university students enlisted as ‘sugar babies’ reportedly making £2,900 on average a month. But what is it really like to have a sugar daddy?

Express.co.uk exclusively spoke to Irina Stern, a successful entrepreneur who decided she didn’t want to date “boring” plain men anymore. Only “self-employed wealthy men” was what she was after.

“Self-made millionaires, I have been out with men worth more than £1million,” she explained.

Sugar daddy dating app Seeking Arrangement is more popular than ever in the UK, and Irina explained that although she “is on Seeking”, she doesn’t consider herself a ‘sugar baby’. She believes that kind of agreement is just how any “traditional” relationship should be.

“I honestly tell all the men I date that I don’t consider it ‘sugar baby’ or ‘sugar daddy’, I consider it a traditional, old-school relationship. I’m also 42, way too old to be anyone’s baby,” she said.

Irina explained: “Women are built to receive. My love language is gifts. Everything about it is perfectly natural.

“My last boyfriend who asked me to marry him, I met on a regular app.

“He offered on the second date to give me cash for the week, pay for my hair, nails, massages, etc. He is that kind of guy.

“He likes a kept woman. That’s my type of man.”

Irina continued: “I never called him my sugar daddy.

“I have had more success on regular apps than Seeking [Arrangement] because a lot of the men on Seeking are actually seeking prostitutes, or they are truly that sick or difficult that they have to pay women. Those exist too. I’ve met them,” she admitted.

“On Seeking the men tell me how rare and lovely it is that I am seeking a real relationship and that I am successful myself.

 “I remind them just not monetarily yet, but with their mentorship, and them investing into me, alongside myself doing the same, I have no doubt I will be very soon,” she said.

However, Irina said women should always be very careful with these kinds of apps and recalled her own experience.

“There are the dangerous men, those so sick and difficult they have to pay women to stay with them (though that’s never said) and men who are extremely controlling (it’s called financial abuse) but you will quickly find out what type he is.

“My ex-fiance turned out to be some of those things but do you know what is so great about breaking up with a bad guy, being cheated on or dumped? Other women do it for free. I walk away with a large sum of cash and jewellery,” Irina admitted.

“I told my mother when she hinted that my rich boyfriend made me have to sleep with him because there is no such thing as a free lunch. I said, ‘Mom, you did it for free’. But yes, we do have to be an asset. That is what most aspiring hypergamous daters get wrong. Be his asset.

“I also wanted to note that men are so proud, they love providing, they get off on it,” she added.

“My toxic ex bragged to me how he rescued and saved a poor Russian girl from the country, and he really did. She was homely and overweight.

“He literally put shoes on her feet, clothed and fed her. He boasted he still paid her phone bill. I pictured a beauty, but I realised he just wanted a free nanny for his three kids when I saw her photo.

“I told her ‘Why not just give her a room in her house if you speak of her like you saved a child campaign’ (and she was literally half his age). He said ‘Hot girl in my bed I am not gonna not have sex with her’. So a lot if not all of these men have hero fantasies. With impoverished women like this Russian girl whom I later met, they get a discount barbie, a quarter the price someone like me would be, as I am expensive. All men want to rescue and be the hero,” she explained.

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