My lover only wants no-strings sex before returning to her wealthy husband – am I foolish for staying with her? | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MY lover has made it clear the only thing she wants from me is no-strings sex.

Like a fool, I oblige, and once she’s satisfied she returns to her wealthy husband. We have the most uninhibited, wild sex at least twice a week.

I’m 29 and single. My lover is 45 and was my boss nine years ago, when I was a trainee chef.

She was engaged to a rich man. He had a car franchise and would bring clients to our restaurant for lunch. He’ll be nearly 60 now.

She was fit and very pretty and I always fancied her.

One night late at work, I was cleaning down the kitchen when a pipe burst just below the sink. There was water everywhere and I yelled for some help.

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The manager came in. She called an emergency plumber then tried to help me to stem the flow of water.

I was soaked through. Laughing at the state I was in, she offered to let me have a hot shower at hers while she dried my clothes.

She lived right next to the restaurant and, as soon as we got in, we started kissing each other. It was the most passionate kiss I’ve ever had and quickly led to sex.

After that, we would regularly hang back at work so we could sneak off to her flat for sex. Then after six months, I moved away for a new job and lost touch with her. I heard she’d married her rich guy.

But recently, I bumped into her in a bar and it was lovely to see her. I bought her a drink and she told me her husband had health issues.

The feelings were still there for me so when she texted the next day and asked to come to my flat, I agreed.

The affair has continued since then but I hate it when she leaves.

She says she needs sexual healing. Her husband isn’t capable of sex but she won’t leave because she enjoys being financially secure.

I can’t resist her demands. Am I being foolish staying with her.


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DEIDRE SAYS: If you’re looking for a meaningful relationship, then yes.

She’s been clear she won’t leave her husband but she’s enjoying the sex she isn’t getting at home.

What do you want? Do you envisage yourself settling down in a long-term relationship? If so, why are you wasting your time?

You’re worth more than a booty call.

My support pack Your Lover Not Free explains more about these no-strings, dead-end relationships and may help you with finding a meaningful relationship.

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