Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra to Produce Series Based on Their Wedding


Now, this is how you use your platform and influence. 

Nick Jonasand Priyanka Chopraare teaming up with Amazon Studios for an unscripted series, executive produced by the couple, to highlight the Indian pre-wedding tradition called the sangeet. 

The 37-year-old actress took to Instagram to share the news of the upcoming series inspired by their own wedding, writing: “At our wedding, both of our families came together to perform a sangeet. A performance (dance-off competition style) that celebrated our love story, one of the most unforgettable moments from a very special time in our lives.”

The sangeet is a tradition that takes place the night before a couple’s wedding ceremony and is meant to bring together their families for an evening filled with performances of song and dance. 

In her lengthy Instagram post, the actress continued: “@nickjonas and I are excited to announce a new, currently untitled project (we’re still working on it!!) that celebrates the love and magic that comes from friends and family that join together through music and dance the night before a wedding. It’s our #SangeetProject.”

For Nick and Priyanka, their sangeet played an important role leading up to their nuptials in December of last year. As fans may recall, the celebrity couple held two weddings that honored both of their family’s traditions.

The announcement of their upcoming series on Amazon comes after their first wedding anniversary earlier this month. 

“Happy one year anniversary baby. It’s our first together. We want to share this experience with couples set to be wed. SO…if you’re engaged to be married in the spring or summer next year (2020), we want to be part of the celebration and help you make it even more spectacular. #representationmatters #crosspollination #culturesblending,” the 37-year-old continued in her Instagram caption. 

Currently, casting for the series is underway and filming will take place in 2020. 

According to a press release, “the engaged couples featured throughout will hail from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds and locations. Each episode will follow an engaged couple along with their wedding party, family, and friends, as they not only prepare for the wedding itself, but also rehearse for what will be an epic performance with the help of a team of celebrity choreographers, stylists, and creative directors.” 

Nicolas Gerardin / Instagram

Through their series, Nick and Priyanka are working to bring this type of representation of the sangeet tradition to the mainstream and show the world how it’s a celebration of love and marriage. 

“We re-watched the video of our Sangeet last week on our first anniversary, and the togetherness of our family and friends during this event still sparks the same warmth and excitement that it did just over a year ago at our wedding,” Priyanka said, according to the press release. “The Sangeet is a centuries-old Indian wedding tradition that not only celebrates the union of two people but also signifies the introduction and bonding of two families coming together in a marriage.” 

And Nick echoes a similar sentiment in regards to the tradition. 

“The days leading up to our Sangeet were some of the most special, memorable moments of the weekend,” the 27-year-old singer said. “Bringing the concept of this musical celebration to the mainstream in a new way, through couples setting out on one of the most exciting journeys of their life, is an idea that we are proud to bring to life with Amazon.”  

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