Party rack up ‘colossal’ four-figure bill at Irish pub – after just four hours

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A group of pub goers have been left gobsmacked by the amount they spent at an Irish pub for a birthday.

With bars finally reopening across the country following the coronavirus pandemic, punters have been sharing their whopping bills online.

But one group’s spending will be hard to match – particularly as it was racked up in just four hours.

A punter in the birthday party decided to take a video of the endless receipt at the end of the night, reports Galway Beo.

It shows him scanning down the bill before eventually landing on the jaw-dropping total of €1,095.70 (£927).

More than €70 (£59) was spent on Guinness alone and it also seemed like rounds of vodka and baby Guinnesses were in high demand.

Whiskey and Beamish were also a steady favourite on the night with Beefeater Gin and Captain Morgan also drank by the birthday group throughout the 240-minute sitting.

The person who shared the video of the bill with Galway Beo described it as "colossal".

To make matters worse, the pub rule stated that the group were not allowed to split the bill for groups over 6 – meaning one of the partygoers had to front it alone.

It comes just days after another party were left furious after racking up a “scandalous” bill at a pub.

After complaining about long wait times for drinks – which was supposedly up to 20 minutes at a time – the group found they had paid €501 (£424).

It left a bad taste in their mouth and they decided to complain on TripAdvisor.

“If we each individually drank €125 worth of drink I would not be writing this review today,” they wrote.

“Obviously with a huge bill we had to go through it and their staff kept coming up to us nearly forcing us to pay straight away. I had to tell them to give us a few minutes 3 times.”

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