People are just realising why advent calendar chocolate tastes unusual

We only have a week left of this year's advent calendars – but Brits are noticing something pretty important.

Tucking into your daily chocolates is one of the best parts of the run-up to Christmas, but have you ever noticed it tastes a little different to your average choccie? It doesn't stop you from enjoying it any less, but there's definitely a notable difference, and it turns out there's a reason why.

If you've been thinking about the taste difference for years, it's finally been revealed exactly why the sweet treats do taste a little different on the run up to Christmas.

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Yes, you haven't been making things up over the years, as there is indeed a change in flavour. The chocolate ingredients are slightly different to a solid bar form, so you best make the most of the next few days before the big man arrives.

If you've been tucking into a branded calendar, such as Cadbury or Lindt, you're probably tasting the similar sort of flavours that you're used to. Meanwhile, if you have a more generic kind, then it's likely to taste quite different.

It has nothing to do with the fact that you chomp on the treats after you've brushed your teeth or alongside your brekkie. Instead, it's all do so with what's in the ingredients list.

Due to the fact that the chocolates are small in size, it's easier for suppliers to pour compound chocolate into the moulds as opposed to normal chocolate. Compound chocolate is cheaper and comprises of less expensive fats than regular cocoa butter.

According to Mental Floss, the cheaper chocolate is made with "palm kernel oil, or possibly coconut oil". It's noted the ingredients work to offer "a different flavour" to normal chocolate.

The change in ingredients can also mean the choccies have a slightly different texture to normal too. As the little treats are bite-sized, the festive sweets can also melt pretty quickly on your tongue.

As well as offering a delicious countdown to Christmas, they also give a super fast chocolate hit.

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