People left baffled by image of three women posing in inflatable bull toy

People have been left scratching their heads over this image of three women.

In the photo, it shows the ladies posing in an inflatable pool toy in the shape of a bull.

But the young woman in the middle looks extremely short compared to her pals with her legs unable to touch the ground.

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The picture has resurfaced on the TikTok account @turbopopo after initially being posted on Reddit.

It was captioned: "At first I thought she was really short!"

Since it was uploaded, people have been left baffled as it just doesn't look right and they don't know why.

One said: "It took my brain too long to figure out what was going on."

Another added: "It still doesn't make sense to me!"

A third admitted: "I literally watched this five times before I understood what was going on. Lol."

Tiara Cox said she was the woman in the middle and even she commented on the photo since it went viral.

She claimed: "Hahaha when you see yourself in a TikTok from a Reddit post three years ago. I'm the 'short' girl in the middle."

The lass then added it was "too funny" to see it going viral again.

Meanwhile one eagle-eyed viewer offered an explanation to the mind-boggling snap.

They said: "Last girl is on the back of the 'short girl'."

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