People reveal the single decision that changed their lives forever

Real-life ‘Sliding Doors’ moments: People reveal the single decision that changed their lives forever – from avoiding a fatal train accident to meeting their future husband

  • People have been sharing their ‘Sliding Doors’ moments on Mumsnet
  • One user asked what decision or moment helped shaped other peoples’ lives
  • ‘Sliding Doors Moment’ is based on the 1998 film starring Gwyneth Paltrow

People from around the world have shared the decisions they made that changed their life forever.  

Mumsnet users took to the parenting forum to share their incredible ‘Sliding Doors’ moments, named after the 1998 film in which a character’s life changes forever based on whether or not she gets on a train.  

Earlier this week, one person asked the question: ‘What was one decision, one moment that could have changed your whole life?’ 

Hundreds of people have responded the question with their own real-life experiences that helped shape the person they have become. 

‘Sliding Doors’ moments are the name given to moments or decisions that have a large impact on the way you develop as a person. It was named after the 1998 film Sliding Doors (pictured)

One person on Mumsnet asked others what their ‘Sliding Doors’ moment was – the one moment or decision that defined the rest of their life

Fairyicecream started the discussion by asking the question and sharing her own Sliding Doors moment.

She said: ‘I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. A few years ago my marriage went through a bad patch (understatement to say the least). DH talked about leaving. It was the worst time of my life and I honestly don’t know how I got through it.

‘Anyway, I often wonder, what if I had just told him to go? We would now all be living separately and we and our beautiful DC would have a completely different life.

‘Instead, we are all now happier than we have ever been. But it could have all been so different with that one decision.’

One person responded by explaining that they were about to call in a sick day at the pub they worked at.

Instead, they decided to go in for work and ended up meeting the love of their life who they now have a house and son with. 

Another person described how a new routine test was introduced in their home town for newborns. The test uncovered a condition which doctors were then able to treat before they suffered brain damage.

Another person described how they won a ticket to a small event held on a cold January night.

People were quick to post their own examples of ‘Sliding Doors’ moments on the Mumsnet thread

They very nearly didn’t attend, but ended up meeting their boyfriend on the night, who also very nearly didn’t attend the event. 

One person on Mumsnet described how they are protective over their social media and don’t add people that they don’t know well.

This person decided to accept a friend request from someone they had not known for around 20 years. The pair eventually started messaging before going on a date and starting a relationship. 

Many of the ‘Sliding Doors’ moments involved meeting their eventual partners in chance circumstances

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