People who missed the joke so bad, they made it funnier

Wait, I don’t get it! Hilarious social media and text exchanges reveal people who COMPLETELY missed the joke

  • These people took these jokes so literally, they completely missed the punchline
  • The posts shared by people from all over world and collated by Bored Panda 
  • FEMAIL looks at the funniest and most cringe-worthy exchanges

Sometimes even the simplest of jokes can go over your head – as these hilarious exchanges prove. 

People from the US and the UK have shared examples of jokes that others didn’t get in a comical gallery for Bored Panda

When one person joked that people used guns before swords, one oblivious commentator highlighted guns were not invented until much later.

Meanwhile, when one prankster shared a picture of their Border Collie dressed as a Broccoli, calling it a ‘Brocollie,’ one person corrected them, saying it should be spelled ‘broccoli.’

And one person who jokingly captioned a picture of F1 driver Lewis Hamilton holding a helmet saying he had beheaded his rival, another pointed that he was only holding an empty helmet, killing the very obvious joke. 

Here, FEMAIL looks at the funniest and most cringe-worthy exchanges. 

People have shared funny instances where oblivious Internet users just really didn’t get the joke. One person from the US felt compelled to point out the ‘wrapped’ gift was a drum set when someone jokingly said they wondered what it could be 

This US jokers pun about a printer completely went over their friend’s head, even those they tried it twice

One oblivious commentator in this post shared by someone from the Netherlands did not get that the original poster was joking about gins being around before swords were invented

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Pictured: One person from the UK joked F1 racer Lewis Hamilton had beheaded his opponent. But another corrected them to say it was ‘just their helmet,’ missing the joke completely

A cunning linguist believed to be from the US felt compelled to explain the joke when someone wrote ‘entero somewhere elso,’ pretending it was the Spanish translation for ‘somewhere else’ 

Safety first! One person did not understand that somebody was obviously poking fun at the road safety sign. The picture was shared by someone from Italy  

This US-based person’s joke about how having sex could be bad for the memory completely went over the head of the person who left a comment saying it was actually healthy

Another Karen! This Tinder hopeful’s pun on the name Karen were completely missed by the lady he was trying to charm. The pictured was shared by someone from Russia 

Topical! One person started writing in Russian, joking it was a side-effect of the Russian Covid-19 vaccine, but their friend did not get it 

When one person from the US joked that it was cruel to kill animals directly and less inhumane to buy the meat in store, one person pointed out the obvious by saying the meat found it store also came from killed animals 

This person, believed to be from the US, made a cute joke about making their Border Collie looked like a Broccoli and renaming them ‘Brocollie,’ but it was ruined by their friend

This colourblind joker believed to be from the US created a bi-color pie chart, but introduced another colour in the answer. One person pointed it out, missing the fact they had done it on purpose

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