Poundland shoppers go crazy for iPhone chargers with Christmas lights

Poundland shoppers are going crazy for a festive mobile phone charger that doubles as a string of multi-coloured Christmas lights.

The leads sell for just £1 and light up in colours including blue, red, green and yellow, bringing an extra bit of cheer to people's homes this holiday season.

A photo shared on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group on Facebook shows one of the leads all lit up as it is plugged into an iPhone on a kitchen worktop.

The caption stated: “Love these light up Christmas charger leads from pound land for a £1. They have them for iPhone and android.”

Facebook users went crazy for the leads, with one writing: “Omg I need one".

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Another wrote: “I had one last year lasted me months gonna try get one again this year.”

Earlier this week, Poundland raised eyebrows by releasing a rather lewd Christmas advert.

In the background of the advert for a £1 box of chocolate fingers is a woman captured both in greyscale and in the clutches of an intense physical moment.

In November, the budget retailer scrapped its £1 price pledge in a move that will see more £5 deals land on shelves.

Other unique Christmas products for sale this season include Card Factory's holiday-themed bibs for 99p.

Asda is selling a pizza in the shape of a Christmas tree with turkey and stuffing balls, pigs in blankets and a delicate drizzle of cranberry sauce as topping.

Earlier this month, the makers of Celebrations advent calendars were labelled "sick' and accused of "ruining Christmas" after opening the first two doors.

Bounty bars were hidden behind both doors, leaving some chocolate lovers furious.

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