Queen & Philip: Her Majesty is ‘romantic’ and ‘flirtatious’ in never-before-seen footage

Queen Elizabeth exits state coach during 1953 coronation

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The never-before-seen photos and video clips were unveiled last night, in a new ITV documentary called The Queen Unseen. During the programme, Royal fans were treated to personal footage of Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh, including a video of the couple relaxing near a pool.

One clip in the ITV documentary showed a much younger Queen and Prince Philip near a pool: Her Majesty is watching from the sidelines as Philip tries and fails to get on a lilo.

The Duke of Edinburgh then plays with his children in the pool, tugging a child – who turned out to be the daughter of New Zealand’s Governor General at the time – along on the lilo.

Other photos showed the Queen watching her husband and their children while they fish near a river during a holiday in Scotland.

Another piece of footage captured a happy moment between the Queen and Philip as they take a traditional sleigh ride during their tour of Canada in 1951.

The Queen and Philip are smiling in the footage and Her Majesty tries to protect her hair from the snow with the hood of her turquoise coat.

Body language expert Judi James spoke exclusively to Expresss.co.uk, giving her analysis on some of these photos and videos of the royal couple and their children.

Judi speculated on the Queen’s body language, suggesting that Her Majesty is “flirtatious” in the clips where she is seen beside Philip.

The body language expert said: “Romantic, flirtatious and a natural performer in front of the camera, the image of the Queen in these historic clips should add some surprising dimensions to a woman mainly known for her stoic approach and her formal, inflexible style of body language.”

Judi mentioned the formal photos of the Queen and Prince Philip, which were taken just after their marriage in 1947, and compared them to the informal footage taken during their Canadian tour in 1951.

Speaking about the latter footage, Judi said: “There are some surprises in terms of her relationship to her husband, too.”

The body language expert explained: “Many of their formal photographs taken around the time of their wedding show a very small, girlish and submissive-looking Elizabeth dominated by a more mature and rather alpha-looking Philp. She looked besotted while he looked dashing and confident.”

However, Judi suggested that “there are hints of a bit of a role-reversal” in the previously unseen footage, both during the Canadian tour and by the pool.

Judi continued: “Philip is seen doing all the traditional ‘manly’ stuff like teaching the younger boys fishing and playing in the pool like a young kid showing off to its mother, but it’s the Queen’s body language that shows signs of confident leadership.

“She is clearly more than comfortable performing to the camera and even does some filming herself while Philip hovers around in his skimpy trunks.

“It’s Elizabeth who tends to dominate most of these clips in her tweeds and pearls, and when we have footage of her with her husband, his pose looks slightly remote while Elizabeth is grinning confidently, even as the snow starts to cover them in their sleigh ride in Canada.”

During the 1951 Canadian tour, the Queen was also pictured with horses, stroking one horse’s nose.

Judi added: “It’s Elizabeth who appears to be the heart and even strength of the family in these clips.

“It is also Elizabeth who is happy to share her emotions with the camera, either sitting beaming and in love next to her husband, or gazing dotingly at her son Andrew, or even taking a very tender moment as she strokes a horse’s nose.”

The footage of Prince Andrew Judi mentioned was another example of when the Queen was seen near horses, but this time she was feeding them with her sons and Philip in a field in the UK.

These informal photographs were also shown last night in the documentary The Queen Unseen.

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