Samantha Bee Trolls Stephen Miller With Immigration-Themed Wedding Gift ‘He’ll Hate’

Samantha Bee is trolling President Donald Trump’s senior adviser Stephen Miller, who has shaped many of the administration’s anti-immigration policies, with a wedding gift “we know he’ll hate.”

The “Full Frontal” host on Wednesday unveiled a spoof online wedding registry for Miller, who reportedly got engaged to Katie Waldman, press secretary to Vice President Mike Pence, last month.

It contains wishlist items from U.S.-based charities that assist asylum seekers and immigrants ― such as mittens, beanies, underwear and LED night lights.

“Stephen writes Trump’s border policies and Katie defends them,” reads the website, which calls them “partners in crimes against humanity.”

“Stephen Miller has made it his life’s mission to strip all compassion and understanding from US immigration policy,” it adds. “We promise he’ll hate your donation more than he hates the phrase, ‘America is a melting pot.’”

Check out the website here and the clip below:

Bee last month used her show to explain why Miller should be fired “right fucking now” following the leak of his pre-2016 election emails that pushed white nationalist talking points.

“Unlike most of the graduates of the Trump clown academy, Miller is actually effective, his work has a real impact on people’s lives,” said Bee. “He’s behind many of the policies that have devastated hundreds of thousands of people, everything from ICE roundups to the administration’s family separations to shutting down the entire government for his stupid fucking wall.”

Check out that clip here:

And watch Bee’s Wednesday monologue on the latest developments in the impeachment inquiry against Trump over the Ukraine scandal here:


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