Serial killer Rose West ‘forced to give up baking’ after moving prisons

Serial killer Rose West was forced to give up her baking after a 'routine' switch in the prison at Low Newton prison.

The 65-year-old had spent more than a decade behind bars on a cushy wing at her former jail in Co Durham, making cakes and knitting.

She allegedly upset other inmates after making a strawberry cheesecake in hopes to defuse violent situations.

A source told Daily Star: "West uses her cooking skills to win people over."

It's said West is now being held on the Poplar House wing in HMP New Hall near Wakefield, West Yorkshire, after other inmates voiced their anger at West's apparent gesture of friendship.

However, the wing does not have its own kitchen and West has had to stop baking, claims the source.

She will be desperate for a move to Rivendell wing, where the cells have en-suite showers and work facilities.

Prisoners can look after free-range chickens and tend to fruit and vegetable plots, according to the paper.

West shocked the country after her horrific crimes were made public in 1995 – including revelations that she had killed her own stepdaughter Charmaine.

Her husband Fred West committed suicide before he could be brought to justice.

He is believed to have collaborated with her in the torture and murder of at least nine young women between 1973 and 1987 – the majority committed at the couple's home in Gloucester.

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