Sex worker divides fans saying she ‘doesn’t care’ if clients have a girlfriend

An OnlyFans model has left fans divided after she shared a video claiming she "doesn't care" whether her clients have a girlfriend or not.

Amanda Fox, who posts online as The Pink Fox, shared a video online acting out a situation with a bloke who tells her that he is in a relationship.

But the sex worker is undeterred by his response as she claims she doesn't care about his relationship status — leaving fans claiming she is why they have "trust issues".

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In the video, which has gained more than 2,500 views, the stunning redhead was seen flashing her cleavage to the camera in a fluorescent pink body suit as the text reads: "Him: 'But I have a girlfriend.'"

Amanda then lipsyncs to a viral clip of the song "Here with me" by D4vd, which says: "I don't care."

She then added the hashtags "true story", "cheater", "toxic" and "I'm the problem" to the caption.

TikTok viewers were left divided over the video as some took to the comments claiming women like her were the reason they had trust issues in their relationships.

One user said: "And people like that are why people have trust issues."

Another joked: "That's why I keep weapons lol."

However, a third user responded by saying that the experience with her is "extra fun".

He wrote: "Most of them do or married it’s extra fun and no strings fun."

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The news comes after Amanda Fox claimed a man offered her £2,000 to chop his genitals off in the first video of her new series of 'weird requests.'

In the video, which has gained more than 700 likes, Amanda wrote: "Weird meet requests part 1 – 'Can I pay you £2,000 to physically chop off my (cherry emoji)?'"

The cherry emoji is commonly used on social media in reference to testicles.


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