Should I divorce my husband who has Parkinson’s for my married lover?

DEAR DEIDRE: MY husband has Parkinson’s disease and he ­withdrew all intimacy five years ago.

I met a man online who promised to pay for my divorce and marry me.

We began a relationship but it turned out he lives with a woman.

They have a son. He won’t leave her but wants to carry on our affair.

My husband wants to be married but without acting like a real husband.

He is 66, I am 61. My lover is 73. My husband is having panic attacks and snipes at me about my lover.

Should I go for a divorce? The sadness of watching him deteriorate is becoming unbearable.

DEIDRE SAYS: My husband has Parkinson’s so I understand your sadness but try to find compassion in your heart for him.

He is the one suffering the condition and must be terrified at the idea of being abandoned. No wonder he snipes about your lover but the panic attacks are very revealing.

I guess he stopped feeling able to have sex as a result of his illness but that need not stop you two being loving together. Your lover offers nothing for the future. Find support via (0808 800 0303).

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