‘Sickened’ NHS worker asked if he has Alzheimer’s in angry parking note

An NHS worker said he was left sickened by a note left on his van that questioned whether he had Alzheimer's.

Steve Madden, 54, who works at the Liverpool Royal Hospital said he usually finishes his shift late in the evening.

After the journey home, he parks wherever he can – often away from his own road as there are no spaces left.

However, he said he often get rude notes left on his van and even had spikes put near his tyre.

Opening up to Liverpool Echo, Steve said: "By the time I get home it is about 10.40pm and it is usually very quiet as most people are in bed.

"I park wherever is safe for me to do so and that is sometimes on Victoria Parade close to the Chealse Reach building.

"But every time I park there I get a rude note – one time I found my window wiper bent and in May I found spikes by my tyre."

Steve said the latest note, which he said was placed in a "fake, yellow, waterproof ticket sleeve", left him sick to his stomach.

"My son said, 'Sad you have got a ticket', but it wasn't it was a note that mentioned Azhiemer's that I thought was quite sick," he said.

The note read: "Do you have Alzheimer's?

"Poss as you park your van in a street that you don't even live in!"

"Can't get a space when I get in from work, f***ing sick of this!!"

Steve pointed out that he is fully taxed and insured and is allowed to park where it is safe and legal to do so.

He added: "I don't get back till late at night, so I have no idea what they mean by trying to get a space when they come home from work.

"I try to park where I can, usually hoping for a space in the car park by the Olive Tree restaurant.

"The apartments have their own secure private parking so I don't think it is anyone from there.

"But over the past few months as we have come out of lockdown, New Brighton has become busier and it has been harder to find a space.

"I come home from work and park safely in a van that is clearly labelled as an NHS vehicle – I just want the notes to stop."

Steve had posted the note to Facebook and many were unimpressed by the use of language used in it.

One said: "Anyone with first hand experience of Alzheimer's wouldn't be brazen enough to use such a pathetic, flippant remark, angry or not."

While another added: "How rude. You can park where you want. If you want to have guaranteed space outside your own house then get off road parking or suck it up. Does my head in when people think they have the right to do this."

A third commented: "Parking round here is a nightmare and often people have to park in different roads than they actually live in. It’s not against the law. First come first served!"

Many people are often left infuriated by notes stuck to their car by neighbours or other drivers.

This includes Ellie Newman, 36, and Jordana Timeyin, 39, who were fuming last month after they said a note was stuck on their Range Rovers with silicone and glue.

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