Simple olive oil hack gives scrambled eggs a richer and tastier flavour

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Want to take weekend brunch to the next level?

Apparently, this cooking hack could make your scrambled eggs taste even yummier.

According to the Kitchn, the key is to add an extra glug of olive oil and crack and sea salt after the eggs are cooked.

The foodie explains: “It’s something I learned at one of my favourite cafes in New York City, Buvette, which serves theirs in a similar manner.

“A nice extra virgin olive oil has grassy, savoury notes that complement the flavour while the fat adds richness. And the flaky sea salt adds both salt (of course) and an unexpectedly delicate crunch.

“It’s important to use the good stuff, though. Standard olive oil and kosher salt won’t have nearly the same effect.”

Still struggling to get your eggs right?

Australian-French chef Manu Feildel warned that it’s easy to over-scramble in the pan.

The celebrity cook, who hosts My Kitchen Rules, says that many of us are cranking up the heat too high.

He recommends putting your pans on a medium heat and melting butter into them, before adding your eggs when it starts to bubble.

During the cooking process, it's important to keep the stove at a steady temperature.

Manu explained: “Don’t let your pan get too hot.

“If the pan is too hot the eggs will cook too quickly, burn, and rather than be lovely and light, have a rubbery texture.”

To prevent the breakfast staple from overcooking, Manu recommends taking them off the stove quicker than you’d expect.

He added: “Remove them from the heat when still a little wet in places.

“The residual heat from the pan and the eggs will finish cooking them through.”

Once these steps are done and your eggs are off the heat, it’s time to hit them with some seasoning.

A crack of sea salt and pepper will work marvellously.

This is when you should get out the olive oil to add extra richness and flavour.

As the Kitch’n hack advises, drizzle some high quality oil over and you’ll be ready to dive in!

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