Sophie Turner Thinks Game of Thrones Got Sansa's Ending Just Right: "I Wasn't Bummed at All"

Warning: huge Game of Thrones spoilers ahead!

Fans have a lot of feelings about the final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones — so many that they actually felt the need to start a petition demanding a rewrite of the whole thing — but after all is said and done, the game has been won — kind of. There isn’t an Iron Throne to actually win, but Bran Stark still winds up being King of the Seven Six Kingdoms with his big sister nabbing the one thing she’s been fighting for since she escaped King’s Landing as a child: a truly independent North.

Yeah, that’s right, Sansa Stark claims the North’s independence after a tribunal crowns her brother as King of the Andals and First Men. The Lady of Winterfell and defacto Warden of the North turns to her royal brother and tells Bran that the North is going to secede from the Seven Kingdoms to be its own domain. “The North will remain an independent kingdom as it was for thousands of years,” she declares.

Sansa Stark, a living legend who is always making boss moves! As the finale draws to a close, the eldest Stark is seen being crowned at her coronation with a direwolf crown and the Northerners cheering for their Queen in the North.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, actress Sophie Turner admitted that the ending felt more right for Sansa than her ending up on the Iron Throne.

“I wasn’t bummed at all, because ever since the end of season one, Sansa has not been about the capital or being queen,” she said. “She doesn’t believe she could rule [the Seven Kingdoms] and doesn’t want to. She knows her place is in the North and she can rule the people of the North and rule Winterfell.”

That sentiment has been echoed by Sansa herself throughout much of the last two seasons. Even as the Princess of Winterfell under Jon’s rule, she was the one taking care of the keep and its people while Jon worried about their battle with the Night King. When he left, she took over full reigns of the North as his regent, and kept the Northerners in line when they began thinking about ousting Jon as their King. And when Daenerys came along in the eighth season, Sansa demanded one thing from her and one thing only: a free North. All she’s ever wanted was her family and her home, free from the politics of the South that plagued them for so long.

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