‘Southern Charm’ Sneak Peek: Shep & Cameran Gossip About Kathryn & Whitney — Watch

Kathryn and Whitney were the talk of Patricia’s big dinner and HL has an EXCLUSIVE preview of the May 22 episode. Shep and Cam dish about Kathryn and Whitney, as well as Austen’s complicated relationship.

Cameran Eubanks wants the low-down on what happened between Kathryn Dennis and Whitney Sudler-Smith after she left Patricia Altschul’s dinner party. So she sits down to chat with pal Shep Rose to get the scoop in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the May 22 episode of Southern Charm. “I almost fell out of my chair,” Shep says about his reaction to Kathryn and Whitney. He asks Cam if she’s surprised that Kathryn and Whitney are in each other’s orbit again. “No, Whitney’s just a dog that wants a bone,” Cam quips.

Cam then adds: “What if Kathryn got pregnant a third time by Whitney and then Patricia would get her grandchild?” Shep starts laughing and says, “That would be so perverse and wonderful.” The conversation then segues to Austen Kroll’s girlfriend, Madison. Austen and Madison have been wrapped up in their own drama after an alleged cheating video of Austen surfaced and then Madison got revenge by hooking up with someone else. Shep is one of Austen’s good friends and he hasn’t hit it off with Madison since the drama started.

Shep explains to Cam that Madison came up to him after everyone had left Patricia’s party to ask what his problem was with her. Shep says he told her exactly what his problem was. Cam brings up that Austen is just as responsible as Madison when it comes to their problems. “The second person to do something out of revenue is more culpable in my opinion,” Shep says. Cam claps back that Shep wouldn’t say the same thing if the genders were reversed in the Austen and Madison situation.

“Cheating is never OK,” Cam says. Shep agrees. “So if you cheat and you decide to stay together, it doesn’t’ mean the other person gets to go cheat,” Shep explains. “And if they do, I hope they would do it more discreetly because everybody in f**king town knew and it made my friend Austen look like a clown.” Southern Charm season 6 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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