Spoilers: Boat disaster seals David’s fate in Neighbours?

As David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) awaits his sentencing, he does what he can to distract himself. For a moment life is sweet, until things take a drastic turn, leaving him facing prison sooner than he expected.

Ever since that fateful day at River Bend, life – including married life – has been tough for David, so it’s a little light at the end of the tunnel when he’s able to take a well-needed holiday away with Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson) and spend some quality time together.

He’s on cloud 9 and it’s a chance for the couple to truly reconnect. Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes) joins them for their last night away and they decide on a cute little day trip to celebrate freedom of David’s last bail check in.

Things are so good, it’s almost slipped David’s mind that sentencing is just days away.

The trio decide on a nice little relaxing boat trip to spend their last day, but disaster strikes when the vessel suddenly runs out of fuel. Panic sets in as the threesome realise what this means; not only are they trapped at sea with no sign of rescue, David will miss his bail check-in.

While David panics, Nic determines to get them out of the situation. After searching the boat, she finds some emergency fuel and they are able to limp back to land. David breathes a sigh of relief believing he can rescue the situation, and the police let him off with a warning. But his relief is short-lived when he’s suddenly taken in for questioning. David is labelled a flight risk and must be held on remand. How will David cope facing prison?

Scenes air from Monday June 20 on Channel 5.

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