Tattoo model slams trolls who told her she ‘ruined herself’ by inking face

Amber Luke hit out at trolls who accuse her of “ruining herself” with tattoos.

In a defiant Instagram post, the Australian model revealed she doesn’t care about “pleasing” people.

While the comments used to bother her, she’s vowed to focus on positive support she receives instead.

The 26-year-old proudly showcased her body art and told her 9,000 followers: “I got my eye balls tattooed at 22 years old.

“I had a few leg tats, a floating neck tattoo and a few others scattered on my body.

"I listened to people tell me day in and day out that I 'ruined' myself & that I had no future any more.”

Amber, who also has body modifications like inked eyes and a split tongue, continued: “Well, I'm here to tell ya – I was never put here to please y'all – so the next time you think you can give someone an invalid opinion about their looks – shut the f*** up hey.

“I’m sick to death of the negative bulls*** that comes along with being yourself.

“Grow the f*** up man.

“I am grateful and blessed for the support that I do receive – don't get it twisted.

“Although, acceptance is not a thing any more… I am surrounded by close minded a***holes and narcissists.”

The tattoo model’s post garnered more than 1,100 likes – and many offered her words of support.

One commenter said: “They are just projecting their own insecurities and fear of others opinions onto you.

“They are jealous you can just be yourself.”

And another agreed: “F*** other people’s opinions, you look great girl!

“You are not intimidating – they are intimidated – that's the difference.

“You’re unique and that’s why you’re amazing.”

Thankfully, the cruel comments have made Amber stronger over the years.

Previously, she revealed how she'd been picked on since she was at school.

Then after covering 98% of her body in tattoos, she faced insults from trolls who branded her "ugly scum".

She refuses to let this hold her back though.

Last month, Amber said: “You think that it would hurt me, but I’ve gotten so so strong over the years of this torment."

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