Teachers shame mum for breaking ‘crazy’ lunchbox rule

A mum was surprised when a teacher spoke to her about the lunchbox she’d packed for her child.

The meal largely consisted of homemade pasta, fresh fruit and veg.

But even though the parent had made an effort to make the food as balanced as possible, she was reprimanded for giving her child two biscuits to snack on.

Mum-of-two Virginia spoke to Kidspot about the lunchbox confrontation.

The Sydney-based woman said she thought it was “crazy” that a teacher pulled her up about the pre-prepared meal.

She said:“A typical packed lunch for my kids is pretty healthy, at least I thought so!

“There’s usually couscous, pasta, rice, quinoa and grains, either served vegetarian or with some meat.

“I always include some fresh veggie sticks and fresh fruit.

“And I also give them a little treat.”

The Aussie mum’s “little treat” came in the form of two biscuits.

And it was these snacks that were deemed too unhealthy by a teacher at her child’s school.

Virginia said: “In a lunchbox of homemade meatball pasta, veggie sticks and fresh fruits, I was pulled up over this.”

The parent branded the move “crazy” and insisted the “lunch box was super healthy”.

Commenters were quick to agree, with many remarking that there’s nothing wrong with kids eating sweet treats in small quantities.

Virginia isn’t the only mum to complain about “lunchbox shaming”.

Previously, a woman was fuming when teachers told her homemade cookies weren’t acceptable for a packed lunch.

And in April, a parent moaned that she was warned against sending her son to school with sausage rolls.

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