Teen boy praised for wearing crop top to ‘protest school’s unfair’ dress code

A teenage boy was praised for standing up against the school's dress code policy as he wore a crop top to class every day.

Mason Boudreau, 17, who studies at a secondary school in British Columbia, Canada, was not happy the female students got disciplined for their clothing.

He wanted to point out the double standard on men and women and decided to "protest" the school policy by wearing crop tops to school.

In his now-private video, he shows up in his classroom in a pink crop top. Sometimes, he sports an athleisure look with a matching crop top and jeggings.

One day, he puts on a checkered tube top, showing off his strong arms and toned midriff.

TikToker Solvej Wren made a duet video to praise Mason's actions.

She said: "This is what I'm talking about when I tell people that Gen Z is creating a world that I will be comfortable to put my daughter into, or my son into.

"But thanks guys, your mum is really proud of you."

Some viewers agreed with Solvej and supported Mason's move as they also found it unfair to some of the dress code policies in school.

"Good on those boys for standing up for the girls of their school and trying to stop the sexualisation of children and clothing." one stated.

A second commented: "Love the new generation! They don't care about gender roles or living up to society ideas of who we should be."

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A third added: "My son wears crop tops and always says 'weird I didn't get dress-coded'. He said it's not fair."

Solvej also pointed out that crop tops were very popular in the 80s and she showed examples of men sporting crop top and shorts on Google Images.

"This was very much in fashion back in the 70s, 80s. If you weren't wearing this, you weren't cool! We also know that fashion repeats itself every 30, 40 years, so let them wear the crop tops!" she said.

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