The Pact George and Amal Clooney Made with Each Other When They Had Kids

Life changes when one becomes a parent. That’s especially true for George and Amal Clooney, who welcomed twins Ella and Alexander in June 2017. The couple — who married in Italy in 2014 — agreed to change things about their lives once they became parents. Continue reading to learn what they changed.

The pact George and Amal Clooney made with each other when they had kids

When the couple learned they were expecting children, they made a pact with each other to take fewer risks.

“We decided to be much more responsible, to avoid the danger,” the Catch-22 actor told Paris Match, a French publication in Feb. 2017.

He went into more detail about specific places around the world they’ll avoid. “I won’t go to South Sudan any more or the Congo, Amal will no longer go to Iraq and she’ll avoid places where she knows she isn’t welcome.”

Amal is an accomplished lawyer who focuses on international law and human rights. She’s represented Julian Assange, the founder of  WikiLeaks, and Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukranian’s former prime minister.

Clooney and his family ‘have real security issues on a daily basis’

Amal recently agreed to take on a case against ISIS. She’s fighting the terrorist group in court — a first for the group — on behalf of her client, Nadia Murad, a survivor of human trafficking.

The mother of two told Cynthia McFadden of NBC she and her husband talked about the case before she agreed to take it.

“This is something I discussed with my husband before I would take on something like this…and we are aware of some of the risks involved,” she said.

One of the risks involved is keeping their two-year-old twins safe.

“We have real security issues on a daily basis,” the Catch-22 actor said during a guest spot on the Hollywood Reporter’s “Awards Chatter” podcast.

“We don’t want our kids to be targets, so we have to pay attention,” he added. The aforementioned security issues means some things are off limits. “I have a beautiful wife and two beautiful kids…[but] I miss being able to walk with our kids in Central Park,” George added.

In another interview, George reiterated the security issues.

“Everything changes when you have two kids on how you have to protect them. My wife is taking the first case against ISIS to court, so we have plenty of issues- real, proper security issues- that we have to deal with on a fairly daily basis. We don’t want our kids to be targets, so we have to pay attention to that. But, you know, we also live our lives. We don’t hide in corners.”

How did George and Amal Clooney meet?

Amal — then Amal Alamuddin — met her future husband at a party he hosted at his home in Italy. George explained meeting Amal on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, David Letterman’s Netflix series.

“I got a call from my agent who called me and said, ‘I met this woman who’s coming over to your house who you’re gonna marry.’ The funniest thing was my mom and dad were visiting, so my parents were there, and we just talked and we stayed up all night talking.” Clooney told Letterman.

George also added that he “chased her for many months, calling and writing those kinds of things.”

Now, George and Amal are married with twins and split their time between England, the U.S., and Italy.

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