The Undertaker furious after botched finish vs Goldberg at WWE SuperShowdown

The Undertaker looked furious after his error-strewn match against Goldberg at WWE SuperShowdown ended with a botched finish.

The match between the two wrestling icons in Saudi Arabia was highly anticipated but it failed to deliver as both men made key mistakes with their moves.

Goldberg, whose last competitive appearance inside a WWE ring was in April 2017, started the contest brightly with two spears but the 52-year-old’s performance rapidly declined after he collided head first into the ring post, sparking suggestions that he may have suffered a concussion.

Goldberg’s head was covered in blood after he hit the ring post but he carried on and attempted to hit The Undertaker with a jackhammer.

But the move failed as a weary Goldberg could barely lift his opponent and The Undertaker ended up landing on his neck.

After that, The Undertaker hit Goldberg with his famous Tombstone piledriver but the top of Goldberg’s head hit the canvas, risking a potential neck injury.

But worse was to come as Goldberg attempted his own Tombstone finisher but he could not keep The Undertaker on his shoulders and both men slumped to the canvas.

The Undertaker then got to his feet and hit Goldberg with a chokeslam, although the 54-year-old could barely lift his opponent in the air.

The match ended there as The Undertaker pinned Goldberg for a count of three – but it’s highly likely that it was not the planned finish.

And The Undertaker’s reaction immediately after said it all as his look of disgust summed up the quality of the match.

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