This is Probably the Only Place You’ll Find Dyson Vacuums for $150 and Air Purifiers for $180

Don't you just love Cyber Monday? Ever since the Internet got hip to the most important shopping season of the year, I just don't get why anyone would wait in long lines on Black Friday to fight for discounts, when they could just sit at home in their pajamas and shop online. I'm at work today, but that's not stopping me from taking advantage of all of the Cyber Monday deals — especially the ones at Nordstrom Rack which you know is coming through with competitive prices.

It looks like the retailer has dedicated the entire shopping holiday to the Dyson brand. When you visit the website, you'll see a ton of fancy Dyson appliances marked down. One of the most coveted items, the Dyson Pure Cool Link Purifying Fan, is flying off of the virtual shelves. Its original cost is $400, but Nordstrom Rack has it in stock for $180 right now.

The purifier is known for keeping air clean by removing allergens and pollutants in your home. This is great for anyone with allergy issues, especially indoor ones like dust, but it's also a plus if you're trying to minimize the kind of fine lines and wrinkles caused by free radicals in the air.

That's not the only Dyson item hiding in Nordstrom Rack's Cyber Monday deals. The retailer also has Dyson vacuums going for as low as $150, and that rarely ever happens. These are best-in-class vacuum cleaners you've probably seen on every wedding registry since the beginning of time.

Before you check out, notice that these Dyson deals are on refurbished items, which means they aren't brand spanking new, but the manufacturers guarantee that each item has been thoroughly tested to meet all like-new performance standards. And at prices this low, that seems worth a shot. After all, a clean home and clean air to breathe are priceless.

Dyson Cyber Monday 2019 Sale at Nordstrom Rack

Shop Now: Dyson V6 Vacuum (originally $300, 50% off);

Dyson Purifier Cyber Monday Sale at Nordstrom Rack

Shop Now: Dyson Pure Cool Link Purifying Fan, $180 (originally $400, 55% off);

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