This New Menstrual Cup Is Specifically Designed For People Who Get Bad Cramps

Lots of people find themselves in a bit of a bind if they want to try a menstrual cup, but find that the firm silicone is a bit, well, uncomfortable. But Saalt’s newly launched soft cup is made specifically for people with bad cramps or bladder sensitivities that can be triggered by a conventional cup. Made to be softer and more pliable that the original Saalt Cup, the new menstrual cup was designed with input from Put A Cup In It, an online resource and community for people to talk about their experiences with cups.

"The Saalt Soft is the natural progression for Saalt’s menstrual cup line," Saalt co-founders Amber Fawson and Cherie Hoeger tell Bustle. "It has the same bulb shape and soft rounded transitions as our Saalt Cup, but is made from a softer medical-grade silicone formulated to be gentle and super comfortable for those with sensitivity."

Since the urethra and vagina run alongside each other, for some menstrual cup users, having a cup in can make it more difficult to pee and can also contribute to cramping and overall discomfort. Saalt Soft was created as a gentler option for users with more sensitive bodies.

Saalt collaborated with Put A Cup In It after feedback from Put A Cup In It users that conventional menstrual cups could put pressure on their bladders or otherwise cause cramping.

"’My cup is making me feel like I need to pee’ and ‘Why is there pressure from my cup?’ were questions that we began to see over and over again," Put A Cup In It founders, Kim Rosas and Amanda Hearn, tell Bustle. "When we approached Saalt with our idea for a collaboration, they were excited and immediately on board. Their amazing shape + our perfect firmness = Saalt Soft, and we are thrilled to see this product come to life — and even more excited that so many cup users will be able to use and love it, too."

Since the softer silicone of the Saalt Soft folds more easily, Fawson and Hoeger tell Bustle that the cup can might some practice for a person who is new to menstrual cups. “A new user may be happier with the Saalt Cup,” Fawson and Hoeger say, “because the silicone is on the slightly firm side of average, while still having a velvety soft finish, so it’s designed to pop open with minimal effort. But for experienced cup users, many love the Saalt Soft, and find it gives them total comfort and solves their sensitivity issues.”

Saalt Soft is available to buy online via the Saalt website for $28.99. New features include chemical and toxin-free silicone, a soft stem, and softer overall design. The new cup also provides up to 12 hours of day or night protection, and a two to four tampon capacity.

If you’ve avoided using a cup because of bladder sensitivities, cramps, or pressure, this new, softer option might help you expand your menstrual horizons. Period away, y’all.

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