Thug kicks victim lying helplessly on the floor in middle of busy high street

A thug was seen running up to a man lying helplessly on the floor before giving his victim a hard kick, in a daylight street attack.

Crowds gathered around the violent brawl along Bull Street at Dale End in Birmingham city centre, an area which has become notorious for crime and disorder.

A clip filmed by a witness shows a young man cowering on the pavement of Bull Street on June 20, Birmingham Live reports.

An assailant is seen running in the opposite direction straight at the victim before throwing a hard kick to his torso.

Witnesses were heard screaming and jeering at the ghastly sight.

Another man appears to start shouting at the thug, telling him: "No, no, no, no".

However, some appeared to be cheering in support of the attacker.

Taking a stand against the victim, one man grabs the helpless man shouting: "Sort yourself out – and go home."

Blocking all the other attackers, he then shouts: "Sort your s*** out!"

The victim then attempts to stand on his two feet, before falling back on the floor.

West Midlands Police officers are later filmed dealing with a man on the floor outside the Subway opposite.

It is not known what sparked the sudden attack shown in the video above.

West Midlands Police could not find any log of the incident.

The incident is just one of many violent attacks to have rocked the area.

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