What Marriage Advice Did Katie Maloney from 'Vanderpump Rules' Offer to Amanda Batula from 'Summer House?'

Even though Amanda Batula from Summer House was unaware boyfriend Kyle Cooke was going to pop the question, she took advantage of asking married friend Katie Maloney from Vanderpump Rules for relationship advice.

Batula was in the hot seat with her parents (and her friends) for taking Cooke back after he cheated on her. But after another cheating near miss, she was definitely wondering if Cooke was truly the right man to be her forever.

So when Vanderpump Rules cast members Tom Schwartz and wife Katie Maloney (along with Stassi Schroeder and boyfriend Beau Clark) visited the Summer House, Batula wanted to know what Maloney, who is married to Schwartz thought about Cooke’s infidelity.

Maloney dealt with her own cheating issues

Long before Schwartz proposed to Maloney he had a drunken makeout sesh with a random woman. The couple eventually moved past the indiscretion and married in a gorgeous ceremony on Vanderpump Rules.

But then more rumors surfaced after the wedding leaving Maloney feeling pretty upset. “It was just disappointing that we had been in such a good place,” she told US Weekly. “I mean, we went to hell and back before we got married, and essentially we’d had to burn our relationship to the ground, and once we had gotten married we’d really recommitted and were on such a good path together that I just would never have expected to hear that.”

She added she also had to question if the rumors were even true. “So there was just kind of a combination of, like, a lot of things, and mostly a lot of embarrassment.”

Cooke test drives Schwartz’s wedding ring

While Cooke proudly shows off his Jell-O shot machine he spies Schwartz’s wedding ring. Obviously, he wonders what wearing a ring would be like if he ultimately marries Batula.

Schwartz says, “It feels good wearing it, I will say.” But then Cooke explains that he and Batula have been exclusive for the last two years. And admits to Schwartz he messed up (cheated) on her over a year ago. Schwartz seems to fully understand too. “I know exactly what you mean,” he remarks.

“Never ever did I say consciously I’m going out and I’m going to go make out with some random chick,” Schwartz says. “It was just reckless behavior.” Hearing this seems to give Cooke some comfort. Especially because Schwartz and Maloney have worked through it.

Stay on the same page

Batula says how much she loves seeing Schwartz and Maloney together. But Maloney admits the first year of marriage was the hardest. “But it was our best year,” she adds. “And everything is building blocks. Every fight, every hardship.”

Then she adds that she’s dealt with some cheating stuff too. Maloney admits that’s what’s been the hardest to handle. “I can relate to you on that level more than you know,” Batula says. Maloney asks if Cooke has been a “bad boy.”

Maloney tells Batula that she and Schwartz are extremely committed to each other and fully intend to grow old together. “As long as you stay on the same page you are going to be fine,” Maloney advises Batula, who takes that advice to heart. “Know there is a successful marriage that hasn’t had a perfect past, reassures me that I’m not insane for wanting to make this work with Kyle.”

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