Why Skincare Brand Soap & Glory Is Encouraging Ladies Everywhere To Do Absolutely Nothing

Self-care means different things to different people. For some, it looks like bubble baths and face masks, for others, it may be a rigorous workout and for some, it may be a secluded vacation far, far away. However, in a time when relaxation is more important than ever, sometimes self-care simply means just doing absolutely nothing. Body care brand Soap & Glory understands, and that’s why they’re urging consumers (particularly women) everywhere to do just that.

But it goes so much further than just saying it. To gain more understanding about self-care, Soap & Glory conducted a quantitative survey of 1,044 females ranging the ages of 18 – 44 years old in the US from July 26 to 28. The survey was conducted using an online data collection methodology using Toluna’s survey platform. What they found wasn’t particularly surprising, but it further reiterates the dire need for women everywhere to prioritize themselves and their health.


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Check this out: According to the study, 68% of women say they value self-care more than they did a year ago. In addition, exfoliating scrubs and body lotions are leading choices for boosting self-care routines — no surprise there. That said, 56% of women say they take a bath to practice self-care and to round it off, in the past year, 70% of women now say they like to stay in and relax more.

It’s safe to say that I’m one of the women that falls into that category so I was overjoyed when Soap & Glory offered me the opportunity to spend a night doing absolutely nothing in New York City’s luxury Bowery Hotel. When I arrived, I was surrounded by some of my S&G favorites like the Get Enriched Quick Nourishing Bath & Body Oil, Flake Away Body Polish, Ultra-Smoothing Lip Oil and Vitamin C Facial Wash. For 24-hours straight I indulged in nothingness — with some beauty incorporated in there, of course. I ordered room service, sipped on my fave cocktails, and basked in the tub until my fingers and toes were pruney. At least I smelled like heaven, though.


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It was a pleasant reminder that through the hustle and bustle of life, there’s power in simply slowing down. This world will make you feel like constantly going and going is a sign of success, but the reality is that burnout is detrimental to not only mental, but also physical health. So if you’re feeling like you need a moment to do nothing, take it — and remember that Soap & Glory told you it’s okay.

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