Woman baffles as she shows off secret ‘plug socket’ drawer where she hides Oreos

A woman has revealed her secret drawer to hide her favourite snacks from everyone in the house but viewers were not entirely impressed.

UK-based TikTok user Hattie disguised the drawer as a plug socket, which could only be opened with a key.

In a video seen more than 3.8 million times, the woman shows where she hides her Oreo biscuits.

It seems to be a dangerous move when she inserts a key into a plug pocket but as soon as she turns the key, it unlocks a secret drawer hidden in the wall.

Hattie pulls the whole socket out, quickly places her snacks inside and locks it again.

She says: "Just remembered this exists. No one can steal my Oreos now."

To further complicate the matter, Hattie places the secret drawer next to a real plug socket.

Some viewers called it a clever trick but many were concerned if she put the key into a real plug socket.

A man wrote: "Great to hide all my alcohols!"

"This is is what I need to hide from my friends," a second added.

But others said Hattie should have posted a disclaimer so that young viewers won't try it at home.

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One said: "It's all fun and games until you try to open the wrong socket."

Another slammed: "Why would you do this? People may try and find if they have it in theirs."

A third penned: "I tried it with my plug socket it gave me a shock."

Hattie later wrote in the comments that it is a fake safe she bought from Ebay for £25.

She also said it won't work if others tried to plug any electrical appliances in the secret drawer.

"You can buy online at Ebay or Amazon. It's not a normal plug, it won't work if you try it."

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