Woman catches ‘creep’ filming her during Jetstar flight in Australia

A woman has shared the moment she caught a fellow passenger on a plane filming her from across the aisle.

The Melbourne-based woman shared a video to TikTok showing her confronting the man and telling him that he had “one chance to delete it” otherwise she would be going to police after the plane landed.

The woman, named Anueta, noticed the man filming her for 10 minutes from across the aisle. When she got her phone out to film him as she confronted him, he had stopped videoing and picked up his book.

“This creep on a flight was secretly recording me for 10min and I caught him,” she wrote in her caption on TikTok.

“I’m going to give you one chance to delete it or I’m going to tell police when we get off the plane,” she tells the man during the video.

Footage shows the man picking up his phone after she told him to delete the video. She then asks him if it’s deleted and tells him to also delete it from the “deleted” folder on his phone.

The man tried to tell her he had only filmed her for “10 seconds”, not “the whole time”.

According to the TikTok user, police was involved in the incident once the plane landed and they praised her for standing up for herself.

In a separate video, she responded to criticism from other TikTok users about the fact that she, too, filmed the man.

“You could have done this privately however you chose to put it on TikTok,” one person commented.

“If you think this is okay you’re part of the problem,” Anueta wrote.

She said she wanted to use the social media platform to encourage other women to stand up for themselves in similar situations.

“I kind of understand that we as women have been taught to be polite and not draw attention and do it privately and be quiet but that’s what perpetuates this behaviour and what continues to happen it for you don’t call it out,” she said in another video.

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“Men, women, if you ever see this kind of behaviour, say something. Make it known that it is not okay. And then people will more understand that it is not okay,” she added.

Many TikTok users praised her actions, saying she was merely standing up for herself.

“She has the absolute right to film this man,” one person commented. “She was put in an uncomfortable situation and she stood up for herself.”

“She’s recording him to show that people should speak up and not ignore the situation if it happened to you,” another TikTok user said.

The incident reportedly happened on February 6, during a Jetstar flight between the Gold Coast and Melbourne.

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