Woman divides internet with ‘normal’ and ‘unhinged’ shower method

TikTok slideshow shows bugs in Christmas tree

A TikToker has divided the platform over a basic thing we all do – shower.

In a conversation with her mum, Alexandra Lee learned that she showers differently to her mum, a revelation that only dawned on her while she was asking for advice on remodelling her shower.

She found out that there are two ways to shower – one where you face the shower, and the other where you face away.

In her video, Alexandra explained that she showers facing away. She said: “When I shower, the shower head is behind me so the water is on my hair and down my back.”

She continued that she occasionally turns around so she can get water down her front, but her mother primarily showers facing the shower head.


now I need to know, what is the normal way to shower?!?

original sound – Lovey Lee

Alexandra said she was confused as to what the “normal” way to shower was, and was having an epiphany upon learning there were two ways to this basic task.

This has sparked a heated debate in her comments section with viewers fiercely fighting from either sides of the camp.

One commenter who showered facing away said: “No because voluntarily getting waterboarded doesn’t sound fun at all.”

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Another concurred: “People that face the water.. are y’all ok?”

However, those who shower facing the water were quick to back themselves.

One comment explained: “As a primarily water facer… it doesn’t hit me in the face. It just falls down the front and you step into the stream when you need to wash your face.”

Meanwhile, a third opinion seemed to emerge from the depths, with people claiming they “spun around like a rotisserie chicken” the whole time, so they get equal time on both sides.

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